Saturday, May 17, 2008

Saturday Smokin'

President Bush in Israel at the Knesset:

THE PRESIDENT: "Some seem to believe that they are not bound by laws. They feel that they are not held to common civility, decency, and manners, and that they can engage in chain-smoking cigarettes in smoke-free areas. We've seen this foolish elitism before. We have an obligation to call this what it is: the false comfort of nicotine addiction which has been repeatedly discredited by history." (applause)

BARACK OBAMA: "John McCain and President Bush are being dishonest and divisive. That's some politrickin' being played!"

NANCY PELOSI: "You know, we have a protocol, that we don't criticize the president when he is on foreign soil. We wait to do it when we are on foreign soil."

MEDIA REACTION: (reading democrat cue cards) "A deliberate attack", "An unprecedented political attack," "Bad form".

WHITE HOUSE REACTION: We were talking about Sean Penn illegally smoking at the Cannes film festival in France, not "Smokin' O".

Hmmm. Somebody a little defensive? The Kool-Aid drinking liberal democrats may buy your "bloated hands" defense, but we know who the gloves best fit.


  1. I think you meant..."whom the gloves best fit", but I still don't see why you bring O.J. into this.

  2. Thanks for the grammar correction. I find my own spelling and grammar errors all of the time (i leave them). This blogging is a stream-of-consciousness thing for me in the morning. Stress relief. Hopefully funny sometimes. Unlike most amatuer bloggers, however, I'm not auditioning for some writing gig. I couldn't afford the pay cut even if I were miraculously offered one.

    As for O.J. and what he has to do with this. Listen, I take pride in my readers never having to ask me those types of questions. I don't feel I have to connect the dots for you. Readers of this blog have a resposibility to inform themselves with what is in the news. Not my job to "edumacate" you.

    I make numerous analogies and vague references on this blog. You have to GET IT. The OJ reference had a link to a recent story about the new book "How I Helped O.J. Get Away with Murder". The author claims to have taught him how to "bloat his hands so they wouldn't fit the notorious bloody gloves". I thought of this because of the ridiculous Obama response to Bush's "AWESOME SPEECH" (<--another vague reference to something else) in Israel. Obama feigned innocence to Bush's remarks (Bush never mentioned names:) OF COURSE Obama has stated time and again that he believes "we should negotiate with the terrorists and radicals". Hell, he has one for a neighbor and friend. Obama is a loon. And he was an obvious fit with Bush's remarks. The Glove fit. GET IT? I loved the White House reaction, stating that they were talking about Jimmy Carter all along. Hence, the whole Seann Penn thing.

    This was tiresome. Thanks for reading, but please pay closer attention from here on. I like to throw the curve when you're looking for the fastball.

  3. This was tiresome

    I agree.

  4. Don't ask then. There are no hit-and-runs allowed here. Tell me what YOU believe, and I will tell you where you are wrong. That's how this works.

  5. Blade, I have to leap to your defense and say you are a gifted writer-better than 95% of the hacks in the media today. You think for yourself, have well written items, and your humor, the most difficult task of all of all, is top of the line!!! YOU ROCK!!!

  6. Bush II's history was inaccurate. The USA did NOT spring into action as soon Hitler's tanks crossed the Polish border. In fact, we didn't enter the war until December 1941.... 2 and a half years after it started. And even then we declared war on Germany only because they declared war on us after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbour and invaded the Philipines. (Both Hawaii and the Philipines were US colonies at the time, by the way: Hawaii did not become the 50th state till 1959 and the Philipines was granted independence only after WWII.)

    The quote in Bush's speech was from Sen. William Borah... a rightwing Republican. In fact, from 1939 to 1941, it was the LEFT who wanted to go to war alongside Britain, France and (yes!) Russia against Hitler... it was the RIGHT (including Bush's grandfather Prescott Bush) who wanted us to stay out of the war.

    4 MORE WARS!