Tuesday, May 13, 2008


By writing about the Red Wings, I realize I am tempting fate and risk jinxing them. I can see the headlines in the Dallas Morning News now - ZETTERBERG ARRESTED FOR COW TIPPING. Or maybe - HOLMSTROM IN BODY CAST FROM FREAK SLIP AND FALL (caused by stepping on a cow pie). Something will go wrong. And apparently I'm blaming cows. I guess it's just a Texas association thing.

Why the paranoia? (the voices inside my head asks)

Because the topic of my last Red Wing post was Johan "Mule" Franzen after he scored the overtime game winner to put the Wings up 3 games to 2 over some team from Nashville in the first round.

Where is the Mule now? (that disembodied voice inquires sternly)

Funny you should ask. He is home nursing his groin.

That is Chauncey Billups of the Detroit Pistons who has the groin injury you fool. Franzen is out with a concussion suffered in the Colorado series. (that voice again! incessantly emanating from somewhere within my eminence!)

The point is, I post about Franzen and Franzen gets taken out. It's a "cause and effect" thing. Sure it didn't happen right away. In fact, Johan had a couple of hat tricks between my mention of him and his injury, but I set the clock ticking against him. The only reason the Red Wings are on the roll that they are is because I have been watching the games on the 9" B&W instead of the large flat screen (thanks to MonkeyDarts for pointing out that little "cause and effect")

The Red Wings performance has NOTHING to do with what TV you are watching! (Oh, evidently this voice in my head is not superstitious!)

Anyway... what we were discussing? Oh yah, the Wings. With their man-handling of the Stars in last night's 5-2 victory, they are up 3-0 for the series with a lock on going to the Stanley Cup Finals. Only two teams in NHL history ever have come back to win a series after trailing 3-0, hence the reason for my tempting fate by mentioning this. And the fact that Stars goalie Marty Turco has never beaten the Wings.

You're not going to mention Pavel Datsyuk's hat trick, and the fact that the answer to the question, "Ovechkin or Crosby?" is DATSYUK? (go haunt someone else! I had hoped to leave him out of this just in case!)

Too late. In my mind's eye I can see the Dallas newspaper's front page with the bold A1 splash - DATSYUK DEVELOPS MAD COW DISEASE.


  1. At least you can watch on a tiny screen... I can't watch at all....

  2. Tell me you aren't really watching in B&W when you have that gigantic HDTV in the other room. Even if you are, with the lead the 'Wings have I'd take a chance and watch the next game on the big TV. If they lose though...well...

  3. OK MD, back to the cinema view for the clincher, but this one's one you!

    And what's up with you "anon"? Don't have cable? You know, those rabbit ears won't work for too much longer!

    and btw, I said "nursing his groin", didn't I? What am I, thirteen?

  4. Hey Blade, I really am very worried about The Wings now. Just look at your blog history:

    Powers Basketball-Lost
    Powers Hockey-Lost

    Maybe you start writing glowing remarks about Obama, Clinton, and Pelosi.

  5. OK... You guys talked me into it... Don't blame me... I went and turned it on.... Within 2 minutes Detroit scored, of course it was disallowed due to to "being in the crease"... Suuure... that's NEVER reviewed... Then within 10 minutes Dallas scores.... The talking heads are giddy.... Where's Mickey when ya need him..!?!? I, of course, am now holed up in my bedroom, nowhere near any media.....