Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Abortion is murder, not health care

A great piece by Sam Aanestad in American Thinker yesterday titled Abortion and Orwell.

As I read this article, I remembered my middle child's 2nd grade classroom assignment when I still had my boys in the local public school system. It was 3 days before the election of 2000 (happier times for sure) and the teacher asked her students to write a paragraph on who they would vote for to be the next President of The United Sates, and why. The papers were to be posted on the student's locker in full display for the parent's visitation scheduled that week. Pictured below is my boy's answer.

This was not a takehome assignment. It was given and completed in class. I found nothing objectionable in my son's answer and was extremely pissed off upset that his answer was deemed unacceptable by the teacher's censorship, and her comments to "See me!" in red ink, capped off with an exclamation point. What is an innocent 8 year old to think of this? He brought it home upset and confused as to what he did wrong. I set him straight that he did not do anything wrong, and let him know that sometimes adult teachers are the ones who are wrong. It was a new concept for him. The loss of innocence is a sad but necessary lesson. Rest assured that I set the teacher straight the next day. I had occasions before and since this episode to voice my displeasure with their liberal indoctrinations of the day. There was a well worn path from my house to the school. Let's just say that all of the teachers and administrators knew who I was. We'd met.

This story had a happy ending however. The assignment was posted and was possibly the final straw in putting George W. Bush over the top in 2000. I finally pulled my kids out of the public school system because I felt like it had become a form of passive child abuse to subject them to it to save me a few bucks.

Back to the American Thinker article.

It has been a LONG time since I read George Orwell's 1984. I recall, however, the very dark future it foretold of a Big Brother government that manipulates the populace using Newspeak.
"War Is Peace." "Freedom is Slavery." "Ignorance is Strength." These slogans are spoken in Newspeak, the fictional language of George Orwell's twisted utopia in 1984. By removing meaning from words and increasing state control over speech-and thought-Newspeak is designed to manipulate those who hear it.
Or how about "Pork spending is stimulus". Contrary to the smug and arrogant Big Brother Obama, THAT is NOT the point. The article continues... (edited for brevity)
In California, Newspeak is now spoken fluently by those who seek to advance a political agenda in healthcare by avoiding scrutiny... Under the guise of "access to primary care," the Regents of the University of California have been conducting an experiment on women...

The purpose of this experiment? "Demonstrate the role of advanced practice clinicians in expanding early pregnancy care."

That's Orwellian for "training non-physicians to perform first trimester abortions."
Apparently, "the access to early abortion services is an important public health goal."

Ministry of Truth: "It's a beautiful thing, the destruction of words."

Do you "See me!" now?


  1. That's pretty awesome what your kid did. You should be proud.

  2. Great post. I want to strangle that teacher.

  3. What your child did was terrific, thanks to your upbringing.

    Praise God you pulled your children out of public schools. I, too, homeschool all of mine. How can parents send their children to public schools like sheep and be shocked at the result of 12 years of public school indoctrination.

  4. We put our kids through Catholic schools, at considerable expense, and abortion is one issue we didn't have to worry about.

    Unfortunately, there were plenty of other liberal issues that were disconcerting in their educations. It was a question of the lesser of two evils because I'm afraid that all educators are liberal beyond belief.

  5. Linz- Yep he's awesome. All A's AND a jock hockey stud.
    RK- Except for this, she was actually a good teacher and a nice lady.
    Angel- Our children are our most precious possessions.
    cube- Wow do I know what you're talking about!

  6. I am so glad you went to the school and put your foot up that teacher's, well you get the point.

  7. Too many public school teachers are using their Lib leanings as the agenda for crafting their lesson plans. It's truly pitiful.

  8. Colleges, too, are disgustingly pro-death and sickeningly liberal.

    My oldest is lucky at the USNA, where about 90% of the people there, professors and students alike, are fairly patriotic and conservative. I have to tell you a funny story. On election night, after McCain conceded, the mids at USNA played the Russian national anthem and began calling each other comrades. It was so bad for a couple of days that their Commandant issued a statement telling them all to stand down.

    My second child is not so fortunate in a secular college. But she is now well-formed enough to discern. She discusses with me all the time about how professors are very eager to impart their own liberal beliefs. During the last election, every single professor and student in her classes claimed that they were voting Obama for change.

    It is sad so many Americans are so ill-informed and ill-educated. Even my younger children know that "building" infrastructure is "spending", NOT producing. Heck, they learn that from a simple game like Age of Empire. They know you can only build so much until your resources run out. Yet many Americans nod their heads up and down at the promise of "jobs", not even seeing that all we are doing is letting government own us more and more.

    Maybe it is just hard for many American people to see it. I come from a communist country and it is easy for me to distrust government at all levels. It must be hard for people who grow up knowing only that government should take care of them to think differently.

  9. Angel: My youngest is in a Catholic high school which is rife with liberals, including the science teachers who are Al Gore globalwarming/climate change adherents.

    My eldest is in college which is rife with liberals as well.

    Luckily, we taught our girls critical thinking skills and they are able to discern good information from the BS they hear every day from every direction.

    It's not easy bringing up children in today's environment.

  10. Angel-Naval Academy. That's an awe inspiring story. It warms my heart and put a grin on my face. Stand down *snicker*.

    My wife and I decided long ago that we could only raise our own children, and we are doing the best we can. I think we are doing OK so far. The oldest boy is a second year student at Notre Dame with a 3.9 gpa (down a tenth of a point from HS, but he must be sowing some oats:). His choir just sang at Mass in the Basilica of the Sacred Heart. The other two are in Catholic high and junior high and we couldn't be prouder. Sounds like we have a lot in common, especially our great kids!

  11. DaBlade: Ahhh, Notre-Dame, wow. My son is also in his 2nd year. In 07 USNA finally beat N-D and the Brigade got a 4 day weekend from that rare victory. No such pleasure for 08.

    Here is a wonderful Catholic book that has Notre-Dame in the story: Pierced by a Sword

    You can send for one copy for free.

    Cube: You are right regarding secularism in Catholic schools. It is because many who go there are not even catholic. I went to the March for Life January. On the bus was a student from the local catholic school who was FOR Obama, defending him by saying that BHO is against abortion personally, but he wants people to have a choice, so abortion should be legal. This boy said he was not catholic.

    I got him to think a bit, though. I told him to replace the word "abortion":

    BHO is against "cheating and stealing" personally, but he wants people to have a choice, so "cheating and stealing" should be legal.

    BHO is against "bearing false witness" personally, but he wants people to have a choice, so "bearing false witness" should be legal.

    BHO is against "murder" personally, but he wants people to have a choice, so "murder" should be legal.

    He was just a boy regurgitating what he heard from his family. Just sad.

    Where did my America go? What is left for my children? My parents and I risked our lives escaping communists to come here.

  12. Angel- Lots of folks walking around with their wires crossed for sure. Thanks for the book link. And as for... "My parents and I risked our lives escaping communists to come here", I would love to hear that story!

  13. DaBlade:

    Our escape from communist Vietnam was nothing out of the ordinary, you've heard it over and over from Vietnamese immigrants. Millions have done this with dreams of reaching this GREAT land of the FREE.

    I love America and her founding fathers. My eyes well up with tears whenever I read the Declaration of Independence. Our founding fathers KNEW what they were in for when they signed it.

    Whenever I think of the Vietnamese experience, I get upset with some of my own relatives. Many of them, even after years of hardship in Vietnam, suffering under communist rule and imprisonment, have abandoned their principles once they became Americans. Many of my relatives vote liberal democrats. Go figure.

    It is as mind-bloggling to me as Jews, blacks, and hispanics voting for liberal democrats, when you examine closely how blacks and hispanics are generally more pro-life, pro-family, pro-traditional marriage, and religious than whites or asians, and how Jews simply have nothing in common with liberals.

    It was Republicans who ordered blacks protected in the Civil Rights movement. It was liberal democrats that protested against the Vietnam war, a war that should have been won easily in a week. It is always the strong-defense, carry a big stick, conservative Republican that supports and protects Israel.

    WHERE is the disconnect???

    An insightful article by Star Parker:

  14. Blade, You failed to mention the most exciting part of your son attending ND. He has a academic scholarship!!! ND wants his brain power so much they are willing to pay for it.

  15. Angel, nothing out of the ordinary for you maybe! It may not be completely unique, but this story is uplifting and inspiring for every individual who can tell it and for everybody who is blessed enough to be listening. So many born and raised here take so much for granted... I completely agree with your frustrations and incredulity over minority support for democrats. Makes no sense.

    Pic Pic- Thanks for that, even if folks assume you are just another one of my log in names :) I think I bragged enough (not).