Thursday, February 19, 2009

Slavery World

Michael Jackson's brother Marlon (I think he was the lesser known sidekick to Tito) is involved with plans for a slavery theme park. Slavery World? Marlon is working with American developer's in the plans for a multi-billion dollar resort at an old slave port in Nigeria. They are not simply talking about a Living Memorial Museum "that stimulates leaders and citizens to confront hatred, prevent genocide, promote human dignity, and strengthen democracy" in a solemn atmosphere of respect and compassion for those that had suffered from unthinkable inhumanity. You must be thinking of the Holocaust Memorial Museum. What fun would that be? We're talking about a five-star resort with an on site casino and world class golf course!

Hey golfers, arrive early and bid on a big, strong caddy at the clubhouse dais before your round.

The theme park will include their own version of Disney's "Pirates of the Carribean" ride by offering tours through a lifesize replica of a slave ship. During the time of the slave trade, merchants were interested only in maximizing their profits and therefore crammed as many people as possible on board these ships for each journey. Chained together with no room to move, many died on the journey from an assortment of horrific diseases. I'm sure that Marlon is hoping this attraction really "packs them in!"

Shucks! Look at the line honey. Let's get Fast Passes for us and the kids and come back after we do the water slides and roller coasters.

Here's the creepiest part - The corner stone of Slavery World will be a Jackson Five museum.
"The Jackson family had been looking for a place to site their memorabilia collection," explained Gary Loster, chief executive of the Motherland Group, to the BBC. "We visited the site of the slave port in Badagry and Marlon turned to me and said: 'Let's put it here, this is right.'"

The development will cater to the country's growing tourism industry, particularly African-American tourists who wish to trace their Nigerian roots. Visitors will be able to explore the site of the former transatlantic slave trade, honour the hundreds of thousands who died in what were horrific human rights abuses, and then head off for a round of golf or a massage, before gawping at animatronic versions of the siblings who sang ABC and I Want You Back.
Cool! Nothing honors the sacrificed lives in the horror that was slavery and pays tribute to the influence of African culture and tradition found in our music today than the young Michael Jackson dancing and singing these hits (when he was a black male, before he became a white woman). Agreed?
ABCSugar Daddy

Maybe the only creepier theme park ever conceived is Michael Jackson's own defunct Pedophile World, or what he referred to as Neverland. I understand the concession stands there were horrible. What if I want something other than milk and cookies?


  1. All this while the Hard Rock theme park in Myrtle Beach is in bankruptcy? At least they had a roller coast that was based on Led Zep's Whole Lotta Love.

  2. And just who is going to fund this horrible idea for a theme park? Plans for the next generation of Busch Gardens in Dubai have had to be put on hold.

  3. "Pedophile World", LMAO.

    This slave museum would be like building "Hymie World" instead of the Holocaust Museum. Evidently Michael isn't the only one in that family that is a complete and total whackjob.

  4. DaBlade, Help me on this...who was it that sold those people into slavery?

    The tourists could always follow the path of sharks in the ocean talked about by Major Owens where MILLIONS of slaves were thrown overboard betwen Africa & North America.

  5. MD- I haven't been to Myrtle Beach in 20 years so I missed that. I remember the grand prix track and a few other things. Changed a bit since the Sea Mist days (right Cartman?)
    cube- How about a "Bush" gardens, as in "W"? We could build it in Iran. We'd have to clear some space first though.
    Chuck- Yep. Makes me understand why their father beat them repeatedly (allegedly).
    Bill CT- I remember that from Limbaugh coverage. Same thing as Pelosi stating that 200 million Americans lose their jobs every day (or whatever the nonsensical number was). As for the "WHO"? Point well taken. The Nigerian Chiefs profited from the sale of their citizens flesh... same as today with Obama and the so-called stimulus.