Sunday, February 1, 2009

Would you buy a T-shirt from the MSM? Why not, they sold you a presidency.

“Obama raises hand, lifts a nation” - CNN Inauguration T-shirts!

By "Obama raises hand" I assume they mean when he took the "oaf of office". If so, does CNN mean the first time with the Lincoln Bible, or the second time without any of those religious artifact stage props?

Or by "raises hand", do they mean whenever he lifts his mighty hand, and what once was thought impossible is now possible? Will rising oceans now subside? Will the ozone holes now be filled? Will Bill Clinton's chubby female intern fetish be cured?

And what's this about "lifts a nation"? Like our spirits? Really? Should we be inspired by his $1 trillion (and counting) spending spree and his declaration that it will take years before a recovery?

Lifts a nation, indeed. This reminds me of something I remember former Detroit Tiger manager Sparky Anderson once saying to a reporter when he was describing a lengthy losing streak at the time. "We are in a downward climb." Doesn't that sound better than "we are in a downward freefall losing slump"? Maybe that is all this CNN T-shirt is attempting to do. Physcological inspiration. Obama's socialist agenda gives us HOPE, and his economic policies will continue to lift this nation in a downward climb!

Then again, I may be WAY over-analyzing this, trying to administer logic and reason instead of raw emotion with respect to liberals. This T-shirt may mean exactly what CNN intended. “Obama raises hand, lifts a nation”. I assumed by "nation", that they meant THIS nation. But what have the libs been telling us these last 8 years? That Bush had lost the goodwill of the Muslim world with his war on terror. Ask yourselves just who Obama is inspiring most right now.

Iran says Obama's offer to talk shows US failure
How has Ahkmadeenadude responded to Obama's olive branch of HOPE?
*insert stick. Twist. Break it off*

IRAN: America's policy of domination has failed. Negotiation is secondary, the main issue is that the great satan must change by stopping it's global arrogance and domineering power.
OBAMA: Does thaaaat mean... *pause* you will unclench your fist?
IRAN: YOU ARE WORTHLESS AND WEAK! Only steers and queers live in America. Which are you?

Ahkmadeenadude will be emboldened to continue his race toward the manufacture of a nuclear weapon with no fear of reprisal from an Obama-led United States. Maybe the T-shirt should say "Obama raises hand, nation's loins girded".

Meanwhile, Israel sees this spineless jellyfish of a president we have elected and understands that they are much less safe now because of it. Benjamin Netanyahu stated yesterday that Iran "will not be armed with a nuclear weapon." When a reporter asked if he was talking about a military strike to dissuade Ahkamadeenadude's ambitions, Netanyahu said "It includes everything that is necessary to make this statement come true."

Hey Ben. Just call Barry on his Blackberry and ask him to "raise his mighty hand". Mahmood will give you the number.


  1. It wouldn't surprise me if Obama got elected to be president of Iran. At the same time.
    I'm thinking raise his hand, like Hitler raise your hand. And, lift a nation, like lift the nation's debt to levels we will never be able to manage.

  2. "Obama raises middle finger, lifts 1/5 of the nation"

  3. How long before Iran starts taking hostages?

  4. Hey, I thought of you last night when your comic hero Steve Martin dissed the most recent former occupant of the White House. I guess that proves my theory of there being no funny conservatives out there. kevin