Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hillary abroad (not "A" broad)

Another "Hey, you got chocolate in my peanut butter!" "Well, you got peanut butter in my chocolate!" story.

Clinton seeks to improve US image with Muslims

Peanut Butter
Muslim TV executive seeks to improve Muslims image with the US - beheads his wife.

Dear Readers: Don't bother clicking those links and reading the stories above unless you are really bored. I'll break it down for ya...

Story 1: Hillary is traipsing around the world's most populous Islamic nation of Indonesia, probably dodging sniper fire all the way, apologizing to Muslims all over Southeast Asia for George W. Bush's war against Al Queda. All at the behest of her puppetmaster Obama. (I said "behest" not "behead". But just in case, don't upset your boss Hillary).

Here I thought all the talk about the need to rehabilitate America's image abroad was all just campaign rhetorical flourish on the messiah-in-chief's part. You know, just red meat for his leftwing kook constituency.

As Arthur Fonzarelli once said, "I was wr... wr... wroooooo... *face contorting*... wr... wro wrrrr..."

You get the picture. Obama evidently felt the need to send this emissary to the Muslim world in order to earn back goodwill that Bush had squandered when he apparently took offense for a few planes crashing into a few buildings. Finally! We have a president who understands their motivations!

Story 2: Dude. Call me a skeptic, but I need more convincing.

For the youngin's who didn't get the opening reference:
Late 70's Reese's commercial

On an unrelated note, I never really liked the peanut butter and jelly in the same jar, which is unusual because I am just lazy enough to really like this idea. Do they still sell that stuff?


  1. For the record, I didn't tell you to use the Fonzie analogy.
    Flybait would not be pleased.....

  2. OK, so I'm off topic a wee bit. But your commercial sent me on a quest. All I could remember was an Atari commercial in the late 70's where in the end, 3 kids say "Luther gets the Gond" and he laughs as he destroys the Gond.
    Well, evidently it was a "politically incorrect" laugh and it was censored out a day or 2 later. (Fairness Doctrine??)

    But, thanks to your Reeses clip, I found it ..... WITH the intact laugh..


    Hmmm, Gond... Obama..... Nah...

  3. I'm sorry, sending Hillary to improve the U.S.'s image?? She's really more of an eyesore than a sight for sore eyes.

  4. Cartman- I will back you up if Flybait accuses you. $5 bucks please! and i dont remember that particular commercial, which is weird, cuz video games and tv occupied my entire teenage years.
    RK- Maybe the o just wanted her shreiking voice far away from him.
    Cube- Good analogy, though not even Homer would take out Marge this way, would he? Maybe for a donut.

  5. DaBlade: Homer could behead Marge by accident... D'Oh! Amd with the wonder of cartoon physics, Marge could be back to normal in the next frame.