Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Poll question: Do any democrats pay taxes?

Monkeydarts takes a look at Obama's vetting process and asks (with tongue firmly in cheek) whatever happened to those intrusive questionnaires that prospective members of the Obama team were required to fill out?

A tax cheat Treasury Secretary in Geithner, and now a tax cheat Health Secretary in Daschle.

"What's the big deal?," the media seems to be saying with it's lack of attention to this. "It was only $128,203 in back taxes and $11,964 in interest."

"It was completely inadvertent," says Daschle.

"Nobody's perfect," said press secretary Robert Gibbs.

"I apologize to President Obama, to my colleagues and to the American people," said Daschle, in his trademark sissy mary voice.

There is nothing, apparently, that can derail the Obama peace train. Not even if video comes out today of Daschle sucking on a bong pipe full of dope with Michael Phelps.

"Nobody's perfect... and he's from Hawaii!," lied press secretary Robert Gibbs.

"There... are... no... more... words...," says DaBlade


  1. Hey, taxes are for poor people!

  2. excellent blog, I did a similar one as well.

  3. It's all becoming very clear to me now... the reason why the democrat elites always want to raise taxes is because they don't pay them!

    Only the republican pogues pay taxes.

  4. Linz- I am one destitute sob!
    My Files- That's a cool pic! and you have a nice blog yourself.
    cube- and there's hardly a ripple. Daschle bows out and all is right with the world I guess. I... shall... find... more... word... thingys

  5. This same thing happened during Clinton's administration. Funny post but actually, good question

  6. Only the little people pay taxes... Yes, I'm talking about dwarfs.

  7. Obama on a bong......Americans would appreciate him even more for his HONESTY and TRANSPARENCY; he could go into Betty Ford, write a billion dollar best seller, and tell that class he read to today that he's not only 'tired of the White House' but ready to retire!

    God, please...?!!

  8. Chuck- The same thing happened in Clinton administration and a whole lot more. Have any of Michelle's old lovers been found dead in a nearby park yet?
    RK- They fill out the EZ short form. Ugh.
    Z- He would have Bill Ayres ghost write the book like he did for his first one.