Monday, February 16, 2009

HAPPY PRESIDENT'S DAY! (Current occupant notwithstanding)

Saying "Happy President's Day" with Obama in office feels about as sincere as wishing an amnesiac "Happy Memorial Day". Or a turkey Happy Thanksgiving. Or a hippie pacifist Happy Armed Forces Day.

PICTURED: Future president 2040? From the "Farkle Family" west trip of 2005. (A stop at Mt. Rushmore, nestled between the obligatory stops at Mitchell S.D.'s Corn Palace, Devil's Tower, Wall Drugs, and eventually Yellowstone).

From U.S. News & WORLD REPORT, a quick 10 question Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Presidents? As it turns out, not so well. Some of these questions are a little obscure and I was never good at Trivial Pursuit. What can I say? I am always several pie wedges short of a complete game. *sigh*

They also take a stab at listing the top ten worst American presidents, but with Jimmy Carter at number 11, you just know there are serious flaws here. Besides which, it needs to be updated immediately.

With less than a month in office, it is now widely accepted that Barack Chavez Hussein Obama now holds the dubious distinction as the worst president in our nation's history.

I'm in a kind of blase' feeling of inevitability of total long-term economic collapse after the passage of Obama's spending and debt bill. Sure, this self-imposed economic suicide attempt is a bipartisan hack job perpetrated by the democrats. Sadly, we are their conjoined twin, so when they shoot themselves in the foot, our blood leaks out too. Is it time to find a surgeon who is willing to perform a Lib-ectomy and split us at the Mississippi? Maybe it's time to dust off Joe The Biden's Iraq partition plan but redesign it for North America.

It's ironic that Obama uses Abraham Lincoln as a marketing and imaging tool. President Lincoln, with his deeds and actions, saved the union. Obama may in fact cause it's undoing.

An oldie but a goody from TNOYF (still funny!)
Obama added to Mt. Rushmore


  1. "...perform a Lib-ectomy and split us at the Mississippi? Maybe it's time to dust off Joe The Biden's Iraq partition plan but redesign it for North America."

    Or how about a divorce for irreconcilable differences? J. Edwards had one thing right: there are two Americas.

  2. Man, that LIncoln 'undoing' line of yours..the irony there...that is SCARY and SO TRUE. God forbid.
    Ya, he admires Lincoln, sure. As long as the memory of LIncoln helps him look like he cares...

    Great post, Chatter...thanks!

  3. RK- two Americas and a fine coif job.
    Z- yep, it's all marketing with this guy.

    I'm off to make some blog rounds. Had a busy weekend with the kids hockey tournaments. Lots of roadwork took me away from the computer, but I love it!