Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Let's join President Obama's press conference already in progress

The front row of an Obama press conference I'd like to see...
PRESIDENT OBAMA: I raise my mighty and powerful finger and call on... Eeny meeny miny mo... the propeller head computer geek in front.

BILL GATES: Thank you Mr. President. *opens jar and Unleashes a Swarm of Mosquitoes* "Malaria is spread by mosquitoes. I brought some. Here I'll let them roam around. There is no reason only poor people should be infected."

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Thank you Mister Gates. *swat* I may have room in my administration for talent like yours. *swat* Let's see, who's next? How about the batman dude there.

CHRISTIAN BALE: "...KICK YOUR F---ing @--! I want you off this set you pr---! No, don't just be sorry, THINK FOR ONE F---ing SECOND!! WHAT THE F--- ARE YOU DOING! Are you professional or not? You want me to go trash your lights? YOU WANT ME TO TRASH YOUR F---ing LIGHTS?

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Please put my teleprompter down Mr. Bale, I am lost without it. On a side note, I believe you and my VP would get along great. Uhhhh... Jack Bauer, what do you have to say to me?

JACK: GET DOWN!... Sorry Mister President. I thought I saw a mosquito.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: My inaugural moment. I'm excited. Helen fossil, err Thomas, what's your question?

HELEN THOMAS: "Mr. President, do you think that Pakistanis are maintaining the safe haven in Afghanistan for these so-called terrorist, and also do you know of any place in the Middle East that has nuclear weapons?"

One out of four wingnuts ain't bad!


  1. Man, that is one ugly dinosaur! You just ruined my breakfast.

  2. Very funny. I anticpate quite a few opportunities to parody these clowns. Keep it coming. We're going to need the laughs.

    You know, Nancy Pelosi is evey bit as good looking as Helen.

  3. Obama is the most dangerous thing brought to the United States in a lifetime. By the time he's done or gets thrown out, he'll make Carter look competent and Bush look like Thomas Jefferson.

    Should we all have to suffer because of a dumbed down electorate and a lying pandering press that made this happen? Anyone with the least bit of common sense and love for this country should certainly want this hopeless, socialist dreamer to fail, and fail big. The biggest flaw in a democracy is that EVERYONE gets to vote, even the uneducated, the misguided, the lazy, the foolish, the dreamers and worst of all, the elitist socialists who helped elect this fraud.
    And how about these Idiots in Obamas corner who can`t even vet people properly. How can any moron expect us to sign up for the biggest tax debt in the history of America and not vet the people in their cabinet. This BS with Daschle is where it has to stop. This guy was the head of the senate. He knew about the tax laws he created. And if he is too stupid to grasp the tax laws than he is too stupid to be the Health Care Czar. The true class envy here is these politicians don`t have to pay their taxes and we responsible people do. DASCHLE IS A TAX CHEAT. AND Obama said AFTER finding this out that he wanted to “Stand behind him”! Daschle should go to jail! Not be brought into the administration. And if it weren’t for the public’s outcry he would have been confirmed. I can't even stand to look at him, much less listen to his self-aggrandizing misplaced sentimental crap and his constant
    din about how terrible America is/was/will be and his crap about the destruction of our nation and his "negative rights" ideology of our Constitution
    DOWN WITH SOCIALISM and that means DOWN WITH OBAMA/PELOSI/REID/DODD/RANGEL/FRANK/ etc....Failure IS an option, and Barack O'Messiah MUST fail to save this country.

    I'm with Rush.
    Remember, Dissent is the highest form of Patriotism

  4. If you don't take that picture of Helen Thomas down, I'm going to have to flag you blog for objectionable content.

  5. Did you hear he called on the Huffington Post blogger for a question? WTF?

    I'm with Rightklik, we can tolerate only so much :)

  6. Shang- I owe you a pop tart, payable on the next northern golf trip.
    Linz- That oughta do it!
    Larry- Thanks Larry.I do crack myself up, but glad you liked!
    Phantom Man- Dissent... the highest from... I love shoving their own crap down their throats! Can't dfind an argument with anything you said.
    RK- You're not a "boob man"?
    Chuck- I did see that. The Huffing Glue Post reporter. I thought he would call on that dude in the snow man outfit from their convention next. What a circus this guy.
    Ted- I think he was born on the planet Myanus. Unqualified wherever it was he avoided the abortionists knife.

  7. I love the picture of Ed Asner you have with this post.