Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy Kyoto Anniversary Bird Brains!

If you're like me, whenever you want to be taken seriously in a cause you feel so strongly about, you fashion a cape out of a black plastic garbage bag, cut out a large beak out of construction paper and wear it on your face while waddling around pretending you are a penguin with like-minded bird brains (after taking a hit off the bong).
These environmental activists dressed up to highlight the threat to their loveable flightless bird from global warming, and four years to the day after the Kyoto protocol went into effect they're demanding more rigorous international response to climate change.

[Click image to view video]

Sorry environ-Mental midgets. You may be waddling around Rome in your fake beaks until the Earth freezes over before you are successful in shaking down the U.S. under the ruse of "global warming". Obama and company have already found an alternative fake crisis to use in a shakedown.


  1. The extreme Code Pink, cardboard penguin, "don't taze me bro," sea kitten left is having about as much success as mainstream conservatives are. (Zero is roughly equal to zero.)

  2. We were sold out by the Goracle with the Kyoto Protocol in June '92. The thing I always thought was funny was that we had a Democratic President for the next 8 years, of which Gore was a part of his administration, and a Democratic Congress for the next 2 years, yet they never made an attempt to ratify the protocol. Since then, for the last 8 years, they have ridiculed Bush for not adopting it. There's not even serious talk of doing it now even with one of the most liberal preisdent's and congresses ever. They know this is bad policy and only use it fro political fodder to attack Bush.

  3. RK- "sea kitten" left :) Nice!
    Chuck- Yep. it was all just a straw man to beat Bush with.
    cube- At least I discovered this semi-humourous video of penguins in my "extensive research" *ahem*

  4. DaBlade: Cute, but as fake as the polar bears who have learned to boogie-board on the rapidly-declining pieces of sheet ice ;-)