Monday, February 2, 2009

Obama's White House a "Relaxed Fit"

Obama relaxes dress code
Obama was photographed without his suit jacket while in the Oval Office. Not only did this send a shiver down Chris Matthew's leg, it also signaled a change away from George W. Bush's strict dress code policy of a coat and tie in the Oval Office at all times. This happens every time a democrat transitions into the White House. Let's just hope we don't suffer the same fumigation and WetVac bill for cleaning the carpet and drapes after Obama leaves like we suffered after Clinton moved on. Maybe we should add another $1 trillion in the "stimulus" just for cushion.

On a serious note, I'm not too worked up over Obama in shirt sleeves. While I don't agree with any of his policies, I do believe he loves his wife and will not disgrace the Oval Office by playing "hide the cigar" games with chubby interns. I am concerned, however, that Obama has "cranked up the thermostat" because he hates the cold.

The thermostat set at broil, coupled with the clouds of cigarette smoke from the back porch, just think of the increased carbon footprint the presidency is kicking out these days. We are supposed to wear a sweater, tighten our belts and inflate our tires, while Obama lives in such wasteful opulence? You just know that if this would have been Bush cranking the heat, he would have been blamed for the frozen dead guy found recently in an abandoned Detroit warehouse.

“He’s from Hawaii, O.K.?” said David Axelrod, as he mopped sweat off his brow.

SIDE NOTE: Jack Lord always wore a suit and tie on Hawaii Five-O, even while surfing. Somehow it wouldn't seem right if he was wearing a wife-beater when he uttered the trademark "Book 'em Danno!".

This stability in authoritative attire is comforting. There should be a clear and immediate visual dilineation between the good guys and the bad guys. You know, like when watching an episode of Cops. Police officers versus scum bags. Uniforms versus shirtless and running wild men. shirts and skins.

Hmmmm. Good guys versus bad guys? Maybe Obama is on to something with his relaxed code. Can baggy pants be far behind?


  1. I think the oval office is a place for decorum. Maybe he's following in Clinton's footsteps, he had no respect for the Presidency or this office in particular.

  2. If he shuts up about where I set my thermostat, I'll give him a pass on this one.

  3. Or, if you are Dave Chappelle, shirts vs. blouses.
    About 2:20:
    But watch the whole clip. It's funny.

  4. I heard that story about the hot Oval office, in fact I was telling my wife about it just about an hour ago.
    I can't believe that he has been in office only a very few weeks. I think he has done more in those few weeks to destroy this country that anyone p reseeding him... I also think that by the time 4 years are up, every liberal who voted for him will be saying "why did I vote for this man"?
    (well maybe that's a stretch)

    Unfortunately, we deserve who we elect. I sense a massive comeback for the GOP in 2010. Steele is just the man to go against Obama--and race is just one advantage he has. Obama is not man enough; isn't qualified; and hasn't accomplished anything in his questionable life beyond politics.

    President Bush described the muslim terrorists as ''killers and evildoers.'' This simplistic use of those words really grated on the leftists. Obama can't even bring himself to use the words ''war on terror.'' As a matter of fact, you'd be hard pressed to hear it anywhere in the MSM except on Fox News.

  5. Chuck- maybe he was tired of the "empty suit" charges. If the office don't fit, you must a-quit. A-quit wearing the suit in it. ewww. bad one.
    RK- he's going to be in our face with everything.
    Linz-OMG! Who knew Prince could dunk like that!
    Walt- Obama can't even bring himself to use the words ''war on terror.'' That's a brilliant point!

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  7. "RK- he's going to be in our face with everything."

    Yeah, he'll give this story about 36 hrs to blow over and go right back to his hypocritical preaching.

  8. He's turning the White House into a hothouse. So much for his emphasis on global warming.

  9. "even while surfing"< THAT is hilarious!

    The guy has spent the last TWENTY YEARS or so in FREEZING CHICAGO and he's still acclimated to orchid-breeding weather inside?
    Axelrod is SUCH a liar.

  10. "ruined" as in 7 of the years in abject wealth (until your boys Frank and Dodd tore the economy thru Fannie & Freddie) or the keeping us safe part?

    W is retired. Find another man of integrity to hate and ignore your boy's shortcomings.