Friday, February 6, 2009

Another day, another 5,000 innocent deaths under Obamabortionist and the unwanted tissue masses in congress

Legalized infanticide is sick and perverted and has caused This United States to lose it's moral authority IMO. Abortion is just another issue to be discussed and debated each election cycle, but since Roe V Wade was made the law of the land on January 22, 1973, 50 million human lives have been taken inside the womb (and outside apparently). That's an average of almost 5,000 babies per day mercilessly killed by their heartless mother for her convenience. FIVE THOUSAND EVERY DAY! Most of the so-called "pro choice" crowd are the same bunch of leftist liberal bong hitting democrats who have loved bashing President Bush these last 8 years with their moronic little catchphrase "Bush lied people died". I am not going to spend time eviscerating the premise behind THAT B.S. of a statement. It would be way too easy.

By the way, to "eviscerate" a premise, means to take out the entrails of a premise, or to disembowel it. To treat a premise like worthless debris by cutting it up and putting it in a garbage bag and leaving it to rot because it's "not a good time" in your personal journey to deal with a premise right now. I wouldn't do that to a premise. But I am not here to debate the Iraq war in this space.

Joe The Feeble-Minded Democrat: "Well, I don't necessarily LIKE abortions, but war is immoral and lots of folks have been killed by Bush and Cheney and Halliburton and big oil and the republican war mongers! That's why I voted for Obama. We need to stop the killing!"

The combat deaths since the war began on March 19, 2003, is a little over 3,500. Almost 6 years and the total of KIAs doesn't equal one day's tally of doctor's with sharp knives. Regardless of how you feel about the war in Iraq, there is no moral equivalence between combat deaths and the murder of innocent babies. Oh yeah, and Millions of Iraqi's have been given their freedom from Hussein's ("Saddam", not "Barack") concentration camps. No, Saddam was not running "Family Planning Centers", rather other forms of mass slaughter and genocide.

My biggest beef is with fellow Catholics who call themselves PRO-LIFE, yet still voted for Obama because of the war. Some folks who call themselves Catholic actually state they are also "pro choice". The popular term for these people is "cafeteria Catholics", as they pick and choose the convenient doctrines of the Church and pass by the inconvenient ones, like in a buffet line. I call these folks CASINO Catholics (Catholics as stated in name only), for it is an all or nothing proposition in my book. CASINO's position is untenable. The Church is very clear on abortion and the life of the unborn. Non negotiable.

Joe The Feeble-Minded Democrat: "Hey, I am against abortion. Obama is for reducing the number of abortions!" Are there still folks who believe that drivel? It's called "campaign rhetorical flourish", and Obama is for reducing abortions as much as he is for tax cuts (which he campaigned hard in favor for, didn't he?). BTW, the ranks of The One's true believers are shrinking.

Jane The Feeble-Minded Democrat: "I am against abortion and would never have one myself. However, I don't think I have the right to project my morality onto someone else."

I love that asinine argument almost as much as the "men have no uterus and therefore no right to an opinion." Just insert the word "slavery" in place of abortion in Jane's statement above. "I would never own a slave, but I don't have the right to expect my neighbor to share this morality. If they want to have a slave, that's their business." I guess that if you don't own a plantation, then you don't have a right to an opinion on slavery. Should we stay out of our neighbor's plantation? As horrible as slavery was, how much worse is the abomination of abortion?

On a totally different subject *harumph*, I hope and pray for Supreme Court Justice Ruth "Buzzi" Bader Ginsburg's quick recovery and at least four years of good health (but no more than eight, assuming we can get a Republican back in the White House after the current one term loser).

I have to go now. The family is gathering around the kitchen table for the nightly board game of Abortion Operation. (shameless linkage to my personal favorite post).


  1. WOW!! Blade,as usual,you are right on target!

  2. Thanks Pic Pic. I was feeling the power this morning. I was feeling it a minute ago also, when I totally obliterated a rogue poster to this old post regarding Obama's cabinet. :)

  3. 5,000 deaths a day. That is greater than the population of most towns in the US.

  4. DaBlade..great post.
    Obama must be smiling..he's killing babies and ruining America.
    I'll bet Ayers is more than smiling, huh? "That's the ticket...RIGHT on schedule...Call Soros, we're doing it!"