Friday, February 20, 2009

This blog is not a coward

We're all just a bunch of race cowards, according to Eric Holder, the nation's first black attorney general.

I have an early appointment this morning, so I thought it a good opportunity to post my brother Snapper's response to the above. Enjoy!

Dear Mr. Holder: if you are reading this. I am not a coward. I am a 50 something white male who has spent my entire life attempting to define the worth of the men and women I meet by their characters, personalities and accomplishments and not by the color of their skin. At some point in my life I must admit that it has become tiresome to me, that despite my best efforts to lead by example and thereby help in my small way to facilitate the true meaning of Dr. King's dream, I continue to be asked to go against my inclination to ignore the color of a person's skin and instead to consider it in my dealings with him or her, to acknowledge (over and over again) that our country once engaged in slavery and susequently discrimination and separation of the races. I am told to consider this over and over and to celebrate the first african american to accomplish this and then the first african american to accomplish that, etc etc etc ad nauseum.

Ok I get it. Starting from unequal points in history it is more difficult for the african american to have gotten ahead. One of my many sociology profs in college taught an entire semester to me devoted to the example of a footrace with the african american starting a hundred yards behind the white man. I really do get it. I have for a long time. I just have difficulty judging a man by other than the color of his skin when I am constantly being told to judge him by the color of his skin. I have a dream Mr. Holder. I see a nation which someday will celebrate the first african american to define himself or herself as something other than the first african american to accomplish whatever it is that they do. is that brave enough for you?


  1. Obama is in way over his head. He actually has no idea on what to do about anything. And the people around him (Eric Holder and the rat pack) are all in the same boat.
    They all are a bunch of Doom, gloom and guilt people rather than what they sould be. They offer NO confidence to the country at all. As a leader, Barack Obama is proving to be the carrier, not the cure. I'm sure that none of us are in the least bit suprised!

  2. Snap Daddy you are right on!! I think BO doesn't know or care about fixing any of our problems. He just wants to be President and keep harping on the same old tired bs that got him where he is.

  3. Shang, you can this to all Democrats. Can anyone here name one thing the Dems have done to help minorities?

  4. The race card is still alive and well. So much for Hope and Change.

  5. DC- Unfortunately you're right and no surprises here.
    Pic-Pic How long before he realizes it doesn't work like the lib college professors and Keynesian econ books said it would?
    Shang- I heard a black women on the radio state that it was not possible for blacks to be racists because you have to have the money in order to hold a race down. That's pretty much verbatim.
    Chuck- I've got it! They over reached before and it led to the landslide for Ronald Reagan.
    PCC- Yep. Go fish.

  6. The real cowards in all of this are those who identify with the remarks of Eric Holder.

    He, along with President BO, is the definition of farce.

  7. It took guts for Santelli to speak the truth knowing that he was sure to catch heat from his liberal network. My hat's off to you Santelli...Way to go! I'll join your tea party any day. Obama-bin-lyin' and someone finally had the courage to say what none of his coolaide drinking collegues would dare to.

  8. OH, MAN, DaBlade......can you hear my clapping from your office?
    WONDERFUL piece and I so am with you.

  9. The racebaiters get rewarded whenever they play the race card. The real cowards are the folks who pay them off or give them an apology when none was required. It makes it harder for the next person to stand up to their strongarm techniques.