Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Day After Tax Day

Tax Day. Thanks to the tea parties, we've survived! (For Obamaholics: Tax day is the day when the 50% of Americans who actually pay ANY taxes at all are treated like Mahmood's goat buddy below).

Obama has ordered the take down of this country as if it were three black untrained teenagers on a raft through his planned trillions in deficit spending and out-of-control confiscatory taxation of this country's producers.

I was (and am) so very inspired by the participation in the tea parties that were held across this nation yesterday. What an awe-inspiring display of middle America standing up and screaming "ENOUGH!" in this grassroots movement. I even welcomed the predictable elitist and condescending coverage of these protests by CNN and their ilk.

Maybe there really is HOPE for CHANGE, ya think?


  1. How can I be optimistic when, according to a recent Rasmussen poll, only 53% of American adults believe capitalism is better than socialism? Not even 50% of Americans pay income tax and BO and the Marxists are working to get 25 million illegals U.S.citizenship?

  2. We've turned a corner, but we need to seize yesterday's momentum and run with it...the Tea Parties were only the begining.

  3. Were Republicans, we pay taxes. It's our lot in life.

  4. Pic Pic- Think Mel Gibson in Patriot, where he is carrying Old Glory in battle and has fallen on his knees. It appears he is down and out. But then... I guess I'm happy the fight for liberty has at least been engaged.
    Pajama- Hope you're right. I think you are.
    Chuck- Yes, but "a lot" doesn't have to be our "lot"