Friday, April 3, 2009

Our "comedian-in-chief" Obama is bombing

* If you're like me, then every Friday morning during Lent you pack your favorite lunch consisting of Tuna Fish and rare imported Bangladeshian Irrawaddy dolphin meat on rye.

Whoa whoa whoa! Of course I am only kidding! I don't pack my own lunch, my wife makes me the tuna-dolphin sandwich (that is, if she knows what's good for her!)

and now for the news...

Obama the consensus builder at G20 and his philosophy on foreign policy (best described as "blame America")
"Each country has its own quirks and own particular issues that a leader may decide is really, really important, something that is non-negotiable for them," Obama told a news conference.

"And what we tried to do as much as possible was to accommodate those issues in a way that did not hamper the effectiveness of the overall document," he told the jam-packed room of both foreign and American journalists.

Describing his approach to world affairs, Obama said America was a "critical actor and leader on the world stage," but that it exercises its clout best when it listens to other countries' concerns.

Obama declined to make explicit comparisons between himself and President Bush, but the comments were intended to mark a contrast from what critics of Obama's predecessor said was a tendency towards a "go-it-alone" approach.
So How's that approach working with that little pot-bellied North Korean dictator? I'm sure if you just talk to him and listen to his concerns.

Breaking Chattering Teeth Exclusive:
Obama issues warning as North Korea readies rocket.

Obama to NK pot-bellied dictator, Kim Jong-Il: "I'll trade you a missile for an iPod, what do you say? No? What's that about a bolt of retaliatory lightning if I interfere? Do NOT make me send Michelle over there to touch you"! If you're not interested in the iPod, how about a reset button? The Sound Of Music DVD? The secret Hillary Clinton phone sex number?


  1. Obama is the 90 pound weakloing on the beech forever getting sand kicked in his face

  2. He's coming across like a third tier toady on this trip.

  3. As far as I'm concerned Obama provides the most value for your entertainment dollar! Whether it's a late night guess spot on Leno cracking special olympic jokes,or on ESPN filling out his NCAA basketball brackets,or on a world tour bowing to the king of Saudi Arabia,or delivering tacky DVD'S to world leaders, or giving the Queen of England a "peck" on her neck not to mention his fancy handshakes-he is interesting to watch.

  4. BO is great for entertainment value, but on effectively running the country, um, he's not so good. Of course, the MSM will put the kindest spin on his numerous gaffes because they're not objective and haven't been for many years.

  5. Obama's like a shooting star. The excitement fades pretty fast.

  6. Chuck- You must have "O" confused with somebody else. If a bully approached the skinny sunbathing Obama on the beach and attempted the sand kick, Obama would engage him in talks and listen to the bully's concerns. Obama would blame himself for the bully's meaness, and the bully and Obama would then be BFFs.
    TPU- They can keep him!
    Pic Pic- Seems like every day he is making a fool of himself. We might as well giggle past the grave yard.
    cube- So true. There are not many left on the left who would argue that media bias doesn't exist.
    RK- More like a planet killing NEO one ignores at their own peril.

  7. DaBlade, I stand corrected. I do have to add though that he probably would demand that the guy sitting next to him give him some money so he could give the money to the bully so he will stop harrassing people.