Monday, April 6, 2009


"'ve got a chance to be a difference-maker, a role model, a chance to make other people smile and feel good about you. We are the blue-collar team and this is the blue-collar city."
MSU Coach Tom Izzo

"You want to play for yourself and your team."
Detroit-area native Kalin Lucas.

"The whole state should be proud and excited of this moment."
Magic Johnson

If the Michigan State Spartans basketball team can somehow beat the North Carolina Tar Heels in tonight's NCAA championship game at Detroit's Ford Field, all will be right with the world. The snow will melt and spring lillies will bloom with the rising sun on a new day. Decades of destructive liberal democrat policies that have decimated this state's economy will also suddenly melt away. Michigan's 12% and rising unemployment rate will evaporate, as good paying jobs rain down from the sky, reviving GM and the auto industry. Folks desperate to sell their homes will immediately be presented with a purchase agreement for full values. The fifty Detroit public schools slated to close will be awash in new tax revenues and fill up again with motivated youths from two-parent homes ready to learn. The brain drain of college graduates fleeing the state will turn around, as the best and the brightest flock to Michigan for all of the newfound opportunies and gold nuggets just lying around.

"It will not save us. No basketball game can do that. No matter who wins tomorrow night, Tuesday morning the jobs still will be gone, the factories still silent and empty, the houses still for sale or abandoned altogether."
Detroit Free Press columnist Mitch Albom

Well thank you very much mister pessimist. Mister doom-and-gloom, my glass is half empty. I bet you're a riot to have around at parties.

"I do realize they have a cause. Well, we also have a cause. We want to win a national championship, period, the end. And if you would tell me that if Michigan State wins, it's gonna satisfy the nation's economy, then I'd say, hell, let's stay poor a little while longer."
Tar Heels coach Roy Williams

THAT is funny. I don't care who you are.


  1. I thought you would have learned by now, DaBlade. Your track record for hyping your teams, well, it sucks. I will root for the Spartans even though I'm a U of M alumnus, just knowing a Sparty win will ruin Obama's bracket. GO BLUE, oops, I mean GO GREEN.

  2. Shang , just so ya know, Blade is a U of M alumnus too. Way, way back, when he attended U of M,he would often brag to me about bumping into Bill Frieder on campus.

  3. Mitch Albom is chump. God forbid anybody forget about their troubles for a night.

  4. Shang- Ugh! You're so right about my horrible track record. I'm not always disappointed though we'll see.
    Pic Pic- Very funny. It was Bo in the hallways at UM Flint, remember?
    PU- He really has overcome his intelligence deficit handicap.