Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My new condo

This sounds like the start of a joke:
So four Russians, a German and a Frenchman walk into this mocked-up spacecraft and swing the metal hatch shut behind them.
The six men have volunteered to spend more than three months in isolation to simulate the experience of a manned flight to Mars. The crew will subsist on freeze-dried space rations and will clean themselves with wet wipes; they’ll also go without smoking, alcohol, TV, and internet.
This sounds like the rest of us soon in this new Obama economy. All this story needs is Paulie Shore and a urine recycler and we have a hit movie.

I'd finish that mock joke I started, but I have a road trip this morning and I gotta go. Take a shot at it...


  1. The Frenchman says, "I shall cut the cheese." and the German says, "Who farted?" The Russians continue to stow all the cigarettes and Vodka they smuggled aboard.

  2. Could this be the beginning of a race to Mars? It would be a great excuse for Obama to start a new massive spending plan.

  3. Shang- LOL!
    RK- Does he need a good excuse? Bad ones have been working pretty well for him so far. He will fund this space race to Mars on the backs of the poor with the new cigarette tax.

  4. I send Obama to Mars...a one way ticket; no cigarettes.