Monday, April 27, 2009

Worthless polls

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Swine Flu gets a 69 percent approval rating from the other viruses.
Overall, microorganisms are about evenly divided on the questions of whether torture Tamiflu is justifiable in terrorism flu cases and whether there should be official inquiries into any past illegality involving the treatment of terrorism suspects these mutant germ strains. About half of all microorganisms, and 52 percent of bacteria, said there are circumstances in which the patient should consider employing torture medicines against such suspects.
I guess it matters who you ask the question to and what their objectives are.


  1. "Swine Flu gets a 69 percent approval rating from the other viruses."

    That statement meets with my approval.

  2. This is all a little misleading though because Swine Flu has been given some pretty favorable press. The media is all over other viruses like Ebola and HIV, listing only their negative attributes. All you hear about is bleeding from orifices and being susceptible to other illnesses.

    With swine flu though the media has been shielding it from the truth being released, being real vague on it's past history. I admit to being a little biased but I think the media is subtly promoting the swine flu.

  3. Makes me wonder how former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright is doing?

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