Friday, December 18, 2009

The Harry Reid Holiday Prayer

The Harry Reid Holiday Prayer
Dear Gaia, Earth mother and green goddess, She who brings forth the bounteous fruits and flowers and other assorted herbs and hemps which can be harvested, dried, rolled or inserted into my hash pipe and bogarted. Hear the prayers of Your children. Help me find the right words to use in the Obamacare bill that will trick Nelson and them other pro-lifers into falsely believing we won't use tax-payer funds to slaughter unborn children and spread their chattel on the ground to nourish your roots. Please bless your supplicants here and in Copenhagen, and Gaia Damn America! Amen.

This is a matter of life or death. Pray for Senator Nelson. Pray for all of the children whose lives are at stake. Pray for our Nation.
"These are children we are talking about. Therefore, as human persons they are endowed with a fundamental human right to life. They should also be able to exercise the first freedom, the freedom to be born and take their place at our side. Rather, the argument has become profanely “sophisticated”. In an age where sophistry has replaced true discourse, its proponents smile while they defend barbarism."
I stumbled upon the following article linked from HotAir. The author, Dan Calabrese, turns the abortionist's scalpel back onto them with this hillarious piece:

Ben Nelson balks at phony abortion language; now it’s time to abort deformed, unwanted ObamaCare:
Every bill should be a wanted bill. It would be a shame to bring an unwanted bill into the world when you have the option of aborting it.

Call it Planned Legislation.

Monstrosities often collapse under their own absurd weight, and if that’s what’s now happening to ObamaCare – and it certainly appears that it is – it’s all the more delicious that the final nail is Democrats’ absurd attempt to pretend their plan wouldn’t pay for abortions.

Fact: If abortion is legal in this country, and insurance pays for it, and tax money is used to either subsidize or regulate the workings of the health insurance industry, then tax money pays for abortions.


  1. We already pay for abortions with federal money. States can opt to pay for them but they cannot use federal funds so they use "other" money. It's nothing more than accounting tricks.

  2. I think Reid is praying for a clue.

  3. Technically, abortion is banned in many states. The Supreme Court made their decision to override law based on a combination of contempt for human rights and contempt for the Constitution.

    Chuck is right: the money gets shuffled around.

  4. praying? whom?..what a tool he is!..wer'e expecting snow this weekend woohoo!!!!

  5. As Ben Nelson has can't split the difference on the abortion issue.

    Even people who think abortion is just fine should think about this:

    To compel a man to furnish contributions of money for the propagation of opinions which he disbelieves and abhors, is sinful and tyrannical.

    How tyrannical is it to force a man to furnish contributions of money for abortions?

    btw, this was a great quote:

    "Every bill should be a wanted bill. It would be a shame to bring an unwanted bill into the world when you have the option of aborting it."

  6. Harry Reid is one of the prime examples that could actually give credence to the argument for late term abortions... (please, that was an attempt at humor)

    Woman Honor Thyself should you make it by my post today, please don't take offense to my comment on snow...

  7. This morning, Nelson's saying the abortion phrasing suits him now, but McConnell rebutted that that's nuts...the REALLY odd coincidence is that Nelson's state of Nebraska's suddenly getting big Medicaid ...aid....SURPRISE! And, (are you sitting down?) so's VERMONT!!! Another raging coincidence!! :-)