Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Obama to Announce Serge Strategy To Appease Base

Obama is angry over his house party security breach. Worst case scenario, the First Teleprompter could have been compromised. The president needs the teleprompter in top condition for his planned speech tonight where, after months of dithering, he will finally lay out his Afghanistan strategy.

Chattering Teeth has learned that Obama will not give General McChrystal all of the 40,000 troops he's requested, but has compromised with a more limited Serge. That's right. All 42 gay art gallery maitre d's named "Serge" will be sent into the Taliban fray.

OK, that was stupid. But I did like that movie.


  1. Obama is a joke played on the American people who were too preoccupied with his half-race to care about the really dark side.

  2. Great movie.

    Maybe this will make Code Pink happy if we send gay art gallery workers instead of troops?

  3. Never saw the movie, but you have a point about BO having to do something to appease the extreme left of his party. Not that there's anything wrong with the Serge surge.

  4. SERGE! hilarious.

    I'm wondering today how the families of soldiers feel knowing that their kids or husbands could get killed between now and the date Obama is telling our enemy we're pulling out...."oh, well....at least they fought"? FOR WHAT? For HIS REPUTATION?


  5. LL- Well stated. As if the White House is a social engineering experiment.
    Chuck- I do think a Serge would appease the left, as long as their guns were stuffed with chiffon.
    cube- I don't think BO has made Michael Moore and his ilk very happy.
    Z- You ask a very disturbing question from the most important angle I hadn't yet considered. Definitely "yuck".

  6. The surrender date coincides with the ramp up to the 2012 election. BO is counting on good spin from the MSM to make him look good for reelection.