Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Tiger Woods Mistress Fibonacci sequence

The Daily Mirror had the number of Tiger Woods mistresses at six yesterday. I hear it's up to something like 11 right now. I have always thought it to be bad form to count someone else's strokes on the course. However, when Tiger's "score" gets up to here, let me know. An intervention (and a Nike boycott) will be in order.


  1. Eleven under...him. That's not a bad score.

  2. I doubt that the count will stop at 11. I think it would be quicker if we just had the women who haven't been with Tiger raise their hands.

  3. I don't know about these ladies, maybe Hillary. She's blonde.

  4. yikes I feel sick for his kids hun..:(

  5. Ouch,

    Those pictures hurt my eyes.

  6. JOY Behar said that "Tiger Woods is Not a Hypocrite Because He’s Not a Right-Winger"
    This low-class snarling woman is so quick to criticize any on the right and she makes herself even uglier with her scowls of disapproval…as if anyone gives a damn what she thinks.
    Who hired this large worthless? What are her qualifications, other than she has a big mouth, knows how to interrupt, shriek over her guests with whom she disagrees. Beyond that, she’s politically illiterate. She needs to take her Brooklyn tough guy act back to the ‘hood’ in Brooklyn where people think she’s important because elsewhere she’s nothing but an annoyance who is not worth listening to.
    What’s really bizarre is that Tiger Woods DID try to pass himself off as a devout family man. He used his clean cut image to make millions off of endorsements. I remember the ads where he’s reading a bedtime story to his (?) kid about the tortoise and the hare. So not is Joy Behar a loudmouthed leftie, she’s a loudmouthed leftie retard who makes up her own version of the story to make a point. But then again, they all do that, don’t they?

  7. I think it will stop at 18. A full round....

    Republican: Behar has getting a lot of mileage out of her "rude, angry, and stupid" schtick.

  8. Helen Thomas??? That's just wrong.

  9. Shang- I never knew he played with any ol' ball he found in the rough.
    cube- I don't see your hand up! :)
    RK- I will not do the obvious thunder thigh pantsuit joke here, or any free drops out of this hazard. I won't.
    WHT- That will be the next thing... all these Tiger tykes that start coming out of the "wood"work.
    Bill- I hope I don't lose my blogger's license for posting Helen Thomas again.
    RGirl- I hadn't heard about that Behar comment. Doesn't surprise me and I couldn't agree with you more.
    dmarks- Someone really should be taking down these bets... the over/under is currently at 37 (or is that Obama's approval numbers?)
    Chuck- I know. I apologize. It may never happen again... ish.