Monday, December 14, 2009

Melting Ice Sculpture Proves The Globe Is Warming

Polar Bear in the Square in London and Copenhagen:
This life-sized ice sculpture of a polar bear is sitting in London's Trafalgar Square for the next week. Melting. By the end of its stay, probably all that will be left will be a bronze skeleton and a pool of water.

Not even a corncob pipe and a button nose to prove he once existed. *sigh* BTW, What the heck is sticking out of the bear's mouth? Did it eat Al Gore?

MARKETING IDEA FLASH: That's how these Healthy Globe Deniers could make some money for their fake cause... sell ice sculptures with a prize inside. At the core of one you might get a flanneled Al Gore doll, in another, a cardboard cutout of Obama. Reminds me of the Fuzzy Wuzzy Bath Soap.

Please tell me somebody remembers Fuzzy Wuzzy!


  1. It's okay, the polar bear numbers are increasing so there's more out there. Unless you ask Algore with his contention that the fact that polar bear numbers are increasing is clear evidence that they are endangered.

  2. I can't wait for the day that these people will be ridiculed for creating this world-sized hoax.

    It will be better than the Schadenfreude some people are feeling about Tiger Woods' implosion.

  3. OMG could this be the reason the ice cubes melted in my cocktail I left on the lanai? I only live in S.W. Florida, could global warming have lead to this catastrophe?

  4. Chuck- Good point. Logic and real facts rolls right off these guys.
    cube- That day arrived with the proof of this hoax unveiled, but they still won't own it and never will. The ridiculars are instead made out to be the bad guys.
    Born Again- YOUR CUBES melted in Florida? Now there is no place to run!