Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Dear Blog

Dear Blog,
I hope that Pic DaBladePic has been reading Monkeydarts every day to stay up on current events. He is still in the dark if he is relying exclusively on me. As you know blog, I still haven't caught up to the world since returning from vacation. There was something in the news about about yellow cake (white frosting?) in Iraq completely vindicating President Bush. Oh, and Bill Clinton is still swarmy. He It also appears that the war is all but won, and the still arrogant "anti war" candidate (and his party that has been vested in our own defeat all along) is now flip flopping on immediate withdrawal. And the democrat controlled US Congress approval ratings in single digits? Yet this is supposedly not "our" year? *sigh* Still feeling mellon-choly.


  1. Dear Chattering Teeth blog,

    Everything will be OK. Prez Obama will make you hopeful for change.


    Monkey "dablade" Darts

    PS- Don't mind those 9 missiles being flung like so many darts from Iran. Prez Obama will talk them out of using them on our allies. He's good like that.

  2. Barry O. is the favorite candiate of 61% of the U.S.Jewish population. Go figure!! Finally, something the Arabs and Jews agree on!!!