Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Gimmee Quisp

I'm sure that any time kahleefonyah experiences an earthquake, it must rattle the nerves. Every kahleefonyun has heard scientists predictions that they face a 99.7 percent chance of a magnitude-6.7 quake or larger [Read: THE BIG ONE] in the next 30 years. So when the reports came in after the 5.4 quake in the vicinity of L.A. that there was little damage and no reported injuries, my thoughts immediately turned to Quisp and Quake - the breakfast cereals.

My "Wiki refreshed" memory of my early childhood centers around going directly from the baby bottle to the sugar-sweetened saucers of Quaker Oat's Quisp cereal, a "baked paste of corn meal and syrup" that tasted like Cap'n Crunch. You could get the exact same ingredients and taste from Quake in the shape of gears. Your preference simply came down to who you identified more with in those competitive cartoon commercials pitting the rugged Australian cowboy, Quake, against the quirky space alien from the planet "Q", Quisp.

Who did you identify with?



  1. What about this guy ??? I guess it was the Herman Munster thing... not to mention the Spooky Speedster.

  2. Hey, it's all sugary goodness. And no, that is not a broken link for Quake. Don't mess with us Quispies.