Monday, July 28, 2008

Edwards denies surge!

Love child and mistress claims hit Edwards
Fresh allegations of cheating on his sick wife rock former White House hopeful

I'm not convinced of the accuracy of this story.
The married former Democratic presidential candidate, who is among leading contenders to be Barack Obama's running mate, saw his private life given more attention than he would like when Fox News claimed to have "independently verified" details of last week's National Enquirer story headlined: "John Edwards caught with mistress and love child." Reporters from the supermarket tabloid had confronted Mr Edwards at 2.40am on Tuesday in the corridors of the Beverly Hilton, as he was leaving the bedroom of Rielle Hunter, a divorcee whom he was rumoured to have made pregnant last year.
We are supposed to believe that John Edwards allegedly met up with his alleged mistress, allegedly Reille Hunter, at an alleged swank Beverly Hills hotel at supposedly 2AM?

This story was broke by The National Enquirer. This is the supermarket tabloid made famous by it's sensationalist headlines like: "Elvis Ate His Twin," or "Aliens Swipe Britney's Undies." OK, so I made those up, but I would believe either of those allegations before I would believe that John Edwards is not a eunuch. He could always secure a rock solid alibi with a quick visit to the "sex determination lab," set up by China for olympic atheletes.

I think it more likely that Edwards was just "visiting a friend" in the early evening, when he passed a mirror and began to engage in primping. One thing led to another, and before he knew it, it was 2AM.


Edwards is reported to be a leading contender to be Barack Obama's running mate. This story should solidify him as the VP. These sex scandals always seem to raise the polls of the democrats (no pun intended). The democrat left-wing base is comprised exclusively of the intellectually vacuous and the morally bankrupt. Edwards should appeal to their wheelhouse.

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