Sunday, July 13, 2008

Iranian Olympic Athelete(s) Photoshopped?

If you're like me, then you suffer from a left cheek, right cheek Milly Vanilly tattoo regret. If you're like me, you read the news of the day in slow motion so that you can "read between the lines" for the REAL stories. Here are just a few:

This, from Gateway Pundit, via Hot Air: Iran Pulls Swimmer From Olympic Trials After He Draws Same Heat As Israeli Athlete. "The Iranian swimmer, Mohammad Bidarian, has refused to compete with his Israeli rival in the 100-meter freestyle event in Croatia." At least that is the official version. The truth is, Iran has exactly one guy who knows how to swim one pool length and they photoshop the rest. Why can't you two get along, like Miss Kosovo and Miss Serbia? These two babes are competitors in the 2008 Miss Universe pageant, yet still manage to avoid ethnic cleansing each another (as far as we know).

THIS, from World Net Daily: Did UFO buzz President Bush's Crawford ranch? Report: FAA radar tracked unidentified craft flying toward Texas White House. Obviously, Cindy Sheehan must be behind this. I visualize this spaceship dropping off thousands of Sheehan heads, all sprouting legs and wearing code pink T-shirts, protesting President Bush.

The Dark Knight
Evidently, the new Batman movie is getting great reviews. I know my boys have expressed a desire to see this film. Maybe I will join them - I don't know. I've always been disappointed with the big movie versions. I like Christian Bale - but To me, Batman is paunchy Adam West in a hooded spandex unitard, joined by his youthful sidekick Robin "The Boy Wonder". Why did they call him "The Boy Wonder?" Maybe it had something to do with West dressing as the crime-fighting sado-masochist. And another thing... Caesar Romero is The Joker. I know a big deal is being made about this new version (played by Tammy Faye Baker?). But to me, why try to improve on perfection? I mean, THIS is movie magic baby!

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