Sunday, July 20, 2008

Subliminal message to Obama - "Google THIS"

The left wing wackjobs at ABC are finding subliminal messages in McCain's new ad featuring the numerous contradictions made by Obama on the war in Iraq. The graphic on the left side is a screen shot taken at the beginning of the ad, before all of the letters have filled in (seen here on the right)...

They whine: "If you type “al qD” into Google, you get this response: “Did you mean: al qaeda.” Well -- is that what the McCain campaign meant?"

uhhhh... hmmmm. Of course, the McCain campaign denies this was intentional. They were upset, however, that the liberal wackos did not notice the resemblance of the microphone in Obama's hand to a mushroom cloud (as they secretly intended) or they surely would have screamed foul.

Says an unnamed McCain aid: "All of that work on the mushroom cloud, and Obama and his cohorts in the media didn't even notice! There isn't even a mention of the fact that this commercial played backwards at 45rpms actually states his FULL name repeatedly... Barack Hussein Obama - Barrack Hussein Obama..."

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