Thursday, July 31, 2008

McCain needs Romney for Michigan

If McCain holds any hope of actually winning the election this fall, he needs to tap Mitt Romney as his running mate and he needs to do it soon. "Hagee whores" aside (evangelicals who would refuse to vote for a ticket that included a Mormon), Mitt would create the buzz McCain desperately needs from the conservative base. Of course, McCain seems to be paying little attention to conservatives. In fact, he is distancing himself from them purposefully, as evidenced by this Drudge-linked sfgate article titled, "McCain extends olive branch to Pelosi, Gore". It is a veritable Pelosi and Gore lovefest that makes me want to heave.

We get it McCain, you are a maverino... I mean maverick. However, do you really think you can "out-liberal" Obama?

There are many of us conservatives who have been planning on holding their nose while voting for you, but I fear our ranks thin every time you go off the deep end by praising the likes of Pelosi and stating how much you respect her, and that she is "an inspiration" to millions. Evidently she is an inspiration because she is a woman.(?) That's liberal "Ludacris Logic" that demands all blacks vote for Obama.

Regarding Gore, is this an actual quote?: "I do believe that his goals and his priorities and the visibility that he's given the issue has been good for America and the world." Really? OK, so being on the wrong side of the global warming hoax is not at the top of my issues priority list:

[brief time-out to review my issues priority list]:
#1) National security - an engaged foreign policy - not the "lose at all costs" democrat platform
#2) A pro-life (anti-infanticide) president who would appointment strict constructionalist judges
#3) The economy stupid. Make the tax cuts permanent. In fact, while you are at it, cut taxes some more. Even for the rich, since they are the only ones who actually pay taxes (something like 40% of tax revenues come from the top 1% wage earners).

So c'mon McCain, pick Romney now and get back on track! It is not too late to energize the base and give them someone to be excited about. Rush knows, it ain't you fella. Dick Morris has stated he thinks you need to pick either Jindal, Condi, or Lieberman to shake things up. While I like and respect each of those three (in that order), do we really want to sink to the level of our opponents by making this a "cult of personality" equation? I don't.

Besides, Romney throws a pretty good verbal punch. I would rather listen to him carve up the likes of Obama then listen to McCain drool over the socialists in the other party.

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