Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Back from Mickey Mouse land

It figures. I return from a Walt Disney World vacation relatively unscathed and throw my back out brushing my teeth before my first day back to work. This after logging an estimated 2 thousand foot miles walking the theme parks and squirming through human traffic to catch the Rock'N'Roller Coaster, with it's 0 to 60 mph start, twists and turns, three inversions, all to an Aerosmith soundtrack. Then across the street to The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, with it's 200 foot free fall drop (up/down/up/down). Did I mention the walking? I did? The threat of heat stroke and/or lightning strikes? Thankfully I was also able to avoid It's a Small World, with it's macabre collection of little animated talking dollys.

And then there was the late night evacuation (think Mickey Mouse in ghost buster gear, and Donald Duck and Goofy in hazmat suits). Perhaps you read my brother Snapper's third-hand and error-filled account of my ordeal:
DaBlade family Vacation to Wallyworld Update: it seems...or so i have heard from my wife who spoke with my mother who spoke with (heck I dont know, but someone who knows) that all is not going as smoothly as with the movie family Griswold's) Something about a complaint of being bitten by a bedbug of all things (you know the things mom & dad always told you not to get bitten by at bedtime but that you never really saw or heard of or thought actually existed in the world). Well a complaint was made after the 1st night that they do exist and were breading and multiplying and biting DaBlades wife in their bed. Disney spared no expense apparently (thats what I heard) in burning clothing and luggage and opening an account for replacements on them (mickey mouse toothbrushes and disney character tee shirts for everyone. Jerry is said to have accepted many hundreds of dollars in free merchandise alone. I for one former Rockford files fan find this all too convenient and suspect. Does anyone else out there recall the Rockford episode where Angel Martin orders and consumes 4/5 s of a gourmet dinner at a fancy restaurant and attempts to get it comped by loosing silverfish onto his plate from a pill bottle he brought with him? I heard Jerry recalls it and brought a mason jar of bedbugs with him to see hwat he might be able to get for free. Angel got caught. What about DaBlade??????? I'm sure he will try to weasle out of it with a lame denial upon his return much like Angel did.
Let's just say that it was my understanding that you had to make reservations for the popular Character Breakfasts. I guess that's not the case when you are the breakfast and the characters are small and ugly insects that travelled from Europe in the leg hair of a French woman. Oh well. Disney stepped up to the plate on this one as you would expect. This company exhibits the epitome of customer service. This situation was not their fault and I was more than satisfied with their response.

Sleep tight. Don't let the bedbugs bite.


  1. Blade- Since you were gone on vacation I have fallen behind on current events as I get most of my information from your blog. However, I have heard about kids changing their middle names on their face book sites to Hussein to show their support for Barry O. In light of this I am changing my middle name from "-" to:"DaBlade" hence, Pic DaBlade Pic.

  2. Good to see you're back.

    Monkey DaBlade Darts

  3. Why thank you sirs! Just 50 million more like you and I'll catch Limbaugh.

  4. pic-dablade-pic...

    is that an order?

    Glad you're back. We missed you.