Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Stolen sewer grates on my nerves!

by Melissa Burden, TFJ: Shudder ripples through Genesee County after General Motors announces cutbacks
The possible ripple effects of any cuts raised immediate concerns in Flint, the birthplace of GM and a community that looks to trucks as a major component of its manufacturing base.

We can sustain ourselves for only so long on selling manhole covers for scrap...

by Bryn Mickle, TFJ: Burton Public Utilities supervisor stands inside a storm sewer manhole... Thieves have stolen around 200 sewer grates and manhole covers ranging in price from $130 to $170 in Burton over the past 12 months and selling them at metal scrapyards for around $20.

Listen mister occifer - When I purchased my manhole cover from the scrapyard, I had no idea that it was stolen. I thought it would make a unique golf ball marker.
The time for plastic manhole covers has arrived.

Best posted comment (so far) from Open2Opine: "Hopefully the thieves are wearing baggy pants and will eventually catch the eye of the police.. "

The good news from this story is that apparently the Burton Public Utilities supervisor has found a new hobby. Here he is pictured in the chimney of a home that recently had it's aluminum siding stripped by thieves.

The weird thing is that the newspaper denies that these photos were staged for either story, and that they found this gentleman this way when they arrived for the standard shot.


  1. HEY !! We could put this guy somewhere in the newspaper every day, kind of a "Where's Waldo" kinda thing... with a free months subscription to the first 5 who find him !!

  2. Well, the story is a little more interesting than some of the latest Journal block buster headlines such as: "Restaurant Goes Smoke Free","Football Player Shaves Head- Mom Worried","Liberal Parents Write Anti War Letter To President Bush-Claim Their Child Wrote It"

  3. Dear pic dablade pic,
    I will not attempt to bend you to my will, but my opinion is that the newspaper is doing a better job of transitioning away from the "dime a dozen" national news stories to the micro local human interest stories. Check out the front page story and photo today for example. i'm lovin' it!