Thursday, July 17, 2008

President Bush is right (once again)

Via Hot Air: Reporter to Bush: Why don’t you formally inform our moron public that they should use less gas?

Mark Smith, AP radio, displays a look of arrogance and elitism at the conclusion of what he believes to be a "gotcha" question to President Bush "...Why have you not sir called on Americans to drive less and to turn down the thermostat?"

The president blows this buffoon out of the water with his answer.(in part)
"They're smart enough to figure out whether they are going to drive less or not. I mean you know it's interesting what the price of gasoline has done - it's caused people to drive less - that's why they want smaller cars - they want to conserve. But the consumer is plenty bright, Mark, the marketplace works...

It's a little presumptuous on my part to dictate to the American public how they live their lives."
And now a local story to prove the president right (again).

I can’t afford a car, but I can afford a scooter,” one of the ladies is quoted as saying.

Hey pic pic, this is what I mentioned in yesterday's comments. The juxtaposition of the arches proclaiming Flint as the vehicle City in the background, with two big ladies riding scooters and crossing Saginaw Street on their way to Halo Burger in the foreground. C'mon! You love it too.

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  1. I'm still concerned about the High school football player. Now I understand, he is forced to attend practice and he doesn't like to practice and the coach makes him wear the schools' jersey which contains colors he is not comfortable wearing. Where does the cruelty end???