Wednesday, July 9, 2008

"Hello, McFly!"

The latest message from the candidate of "Hope" and "Change":
...Instead of worrying whether or not immigrants will learn English, they'll learn English. You need to make sure your child can speak Spanish. You should be thinking about how can your child become bilingual...
"The messiah" Barack Obama

Hey Barry, would you suggest they learn Arabic?

Let's see if I understand this.
1) Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has repeatedly promised to wipe Israel off the map.
2) He continues to enrich uranium needed for the manufacture of nuclear weapons to make this dream of his a reality.
3) Israel appears to be wisely planning on invoking the "Bush Doctrine" and taking out these nuclear facilities before this mad man is successful.
4) Iran is testing missiles and talking more smack about having the ability to hit Israel and US bases if attacked.
5) Meanwhile, Russia threatens a military response to a European based US missile defence system that could counter Mahmoood's diabolical plot.
6) We are less than four months away from selecting the next POTUS at arguably the most dangerous time in the history of man on this planet...
7) And Obama is embarrassed by Americans who can't speak French?

We will be tested in the coming days like never before. Americans have a choice between two men with very different backgrounds of experience. One man with extensive military and leadership experience, and the other who gives a great speech and has some experience as a "community organizer". Guess which one is leading in the polls?

This story struck me as what we could expect a president Obama's "Cup of Tea" foreign policy to look like:
Woman overpowers thief with tea and sympathy
TOKYO (Reuters) - A Japanese woman and her six-month-old baby escaped unhurt from a knife-wielding thief this week after the mother calmed him down with a cup of tea and a chat. The 30-year-old Tokyo woman was walking along a corridor in her apartment building with her daughter Monday when a man brandishing a knife demanded money, the Asahi newspaper said. When the housewife told him she had none, the man barged into her apartment. Hoping to calm him, the woman made the thief a cup of tea, whereupon he put his knife away and began a 20-minute monologue about his life. The woman then gave the man 10,000 yen ($93.34) and ran outside to call the police from a pay phone, the report said. Police rushed to the scene, but the thief had fled and is still being sought.
"Hello, McFly!"

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