Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Hanging in the study are 3 framed 3rd grade school assignments on why "I Love My Mom" from our 3 boys. The scans didn't come out legibly, so I retyped the text below (with a few editorial comments from Dad, of course). These sentiments from her boys are on the wall next to her computer, so mom will always remember how much she is loved. For me, these assignments represent a snapshot into the distinct personalities of our boys take from when they were roughly the same age.

The first "Dear Mother" is from Adam, our oldest. He just recently completed his sophomore year at Notre Dame and is doing splendidly, so PLEASE do not call protective services after reading his work. It was all a misunderstanding. How many times does his mom have to tell him, "NO WIRE HANGERS!"?

Dear Mother,
You're the best person I know. So what if you're mad at me sometimes. You care for me when I'm sick, and you even let us go in the road with our rollerblades! But that doesn't matter now.

You taugh(t) us how to be kind by reminding us to make a card for our sick cousin. You're pretty kind yourself, if you know what I mean! Wait! One last thing. I guess I'm just saying, you're the best mom!

Love, Adam

Now comes Joe, our middle child, who will be entering his senior year of high school in the fall. Apparently, the "many reasons" are all inclusive below. There are 3 reasons, and he very precisely lists them through and including "The last reason". He was just reading this over my shoulder, so I asked him if his list of reasons had grown at all over these last 8 years. "She's appreciated," he said, in reference to some rapper named Too Pock(?) whatever. Oh, the innocence of youth...

Dear Mom.
You're nice in many ways. I Love you because you are kind. Another reason I Love you is, if I'm sick you always are there. The last reason I Love you is you are always at my hockey games. I'm glad you're my Mom.

Love, Joe

Now for Josh, our baby, who will be entering into his Freshman year of high school in the fall. Obviously, a poet, or just a kid sucking up for his next meal?

I love your cooking. It tastes like a piece of heaven. Thank you for the putter that you got me. Thank you for letting my friends come over. I love you! I know you love me! Thanks alot for helping me with my prep books and school homework. You're the best mom in the world!
Love, Josh

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  1. Very nice! I just got phone calls from my 3 kids...the youngest one is a Josh too! Isn't that a special name!

    Happy Mother's Day to you!