Saturday, May 16, 2009

Successful entrepreneurs told by Obama, "No franchise for you!"

PICTURED: Joe Biden asks Obama a question while lunching recently at a Ray's Burger Hell: "Mister president, are you finished with the Jesse Jackson's fried nuts?"

In other, totally unrelated news...
Between GM and Chrysler, over 2,300 U.S. auto dealers have been given a pink slip and an Obama swift kick.
The unprecedented closures under the direction of the Obama administration put an estimated 100,000 jobs at risk and showed the economic pain from the collapse of the two Detroit-based automakers.

Ripples to be felt by this? More like a riptide through the economy, sucking many many more jobs out to into the Obamasea.

RUSH: It is a crying shame what is happening to the US automobile industry. I mean, this really makes sense, doesn't it? Here, we're going to save the automobile industry. We're going to get rid of 4,000 dealerships, making the cars invisible and hard to find and we're gonna cut our advertising budgets in half, that's right. And that's really going to help us sell cars. A tragedy, is what it is.

Chattering Teeth Exclusive!
Obama now moves on to "save" the hamburger industry by forcing the closure of McDonalds, Burger King, Wendys, and all other burger joints not named Ray's Hell Burger. It is unclear what the plans are for the existing inventories of patties at these franchises. I'm sure the SOBOTUS will think of something.

So now I have to travel 10 hours to the nearest Ray's Hell Burger location for my fast food fix. What happens if I get the bag home from the 20-hour roundtrip only to discover I am missing the order of fries? That's a long drive to get my order serviced.


  1. Super blog Chattering, I'll beck back again and often.

  2. You won't be able to afford your burger and fries with all the new junk food taxes.

  3. Thanks BR. Good point RK. It won't be long before we are forced to develop a taste for barbeque feral kittens.

  4. DaBlade, we haven't seen bad times in Michigan yet, I'm a fraid. Once they start closing dealers and the auto industry takes the summer off also idling all of the suppliers, we are going to be seeing Hell on Earth.