Thursday, May 21, 2009

Obama takes a closer look at his honorary Notre Dame law degree

Original artwork from my ND son who whipped this up on a drawing pad connected to his laptop. (I screwed up the cut and paste job, as his comic had the 4 panels in a row - which would not have fit on this blog). So in conclusion, he is an artist, a musician (guitar, cello, awesome vocals), a classroom prodigy, and a stud. He also doesn't like me bashing his school, although he never says so. He was arguing via Facebook chat with an old high school buddy the other day, talking out loud as he was hitting his keyboard keys with authority. "I dare anyone to sit in a mass on any given Sunday at my dorm and try to tell me Notre Dame isn't Catholic!"

He knows it's an imperfect institution, but is very protective of what's good about "her". I wouldn't want it any other way. After all, It's like-minded young people like my son who ultimately will make the necessary changes (not some old guy bitching on his blog every day :)


  1. Well, sounds like your son is an amazing guy, DaBlade. WOW.
    I love the cartoon and everything you said about must be VERY proud.
    just reading this, considering what I think of MOST American kids and how badly they've been indoctrinated into liberal stupidity, made my day.
    LOVE the cartoon!

  2. Amen- it's the younger generation where this battle will ultimately be fought and won.

    Kudos to your son!

  3. Great cartoon. He should submit to American Thinker.

  4. DaBlade, your son is quite an artist!

    Wishing you & your family well.

    God bless all our veterans and current military.

  5. P.S. Too bad we don't have a Commander-in-Chief instead of a socialist-in -chief.

  6. Blade, As I have explained to many proud fathers of sons, remember, he's going to marry some chick from California and hang out with her family. You'll probably see him once or twice a year and pay on his college debt for the rest of your life. I'm sorry to have to say it but it's a fact-wait and see.