Saturday, May 2, 2009

Notre Dame's new motto: "Obama, Country, Notre Dame"

Notre Dame has recently redesigned the carved inscription above the side door entrance to the Basilica of the Sacred Heart. What used to read "God, Country, Notre Dame" now proudly declares "Obama, Country, Notre Dame."

Not really, but my cheap cut-and-paste job more accurately reflects the universities' and U.S. Catholics' priorities.


This, from a so-called "Catholic University?" Arrested was none other than Randall Terry, Founder of Operation Rescue. What is he guily of? Take a look.
“Stop Obama at Notre Dame”
Our Mission:
1) Stop President Obama from Speaking at Notre Dame on May 17 by peaceful protests;
2) The dismissal of Rev. Jenkins as Notre Dame President.
Our Secondary Mission:
1) If Obama decides to run again in 2012, we have politically tarred him with the blood of babies in such a way that he cannot win;
2) Create such peaceful havoc that no other Catholic University commits this treachery;
3) Recruit and train new warriors to defend Life and Truth in “on the job” training.
This is blasphemy against The One, the most high Lord Barack Hussein Obama! The state has incarcerated Mr. Terry, while at the same time Obama works to release the terrorists from Guantanamo.


A Pew Research survey shows Catholics approve of the decision by Notre Dame to invite President Obama to give the Commencement address and receive an honorary degree by a decisive margin, 50-28. But the difference between practicing and non-practicing Catholics is profound. Practicing Catholics disapprove by a margin of 45-37 while non-practicing Catholics approve 56-23.

CAFETRIA CATHOLIC: A Catholic will pick and choose what he/she chooses to believe in in regards to the faith. Typically they will deny or mutilate revealed truths in order to justify their sinful lifestyles.

Sometimes they are even priests.
Mrs. DaBlade:
Finally a true Catholic says no to Notre Dame President Father Jenkins. Mary Ann Glendon, a pro-life Harvard Law professor and former ambassador to the Vatican, had previously accepted an invitation to receive the prestigious Laetare Medal. This award has been given to American Catholics who have illustrated the ideals of the church and enriched the heritage of humanity since 1833. An inscription on the Laetare Medal reads “Magna est veritas et prevalebit,” which means “Truth is mighty, and it shall prevail.” The hypocrisy of this award being given the same year that Barack Obama speaks at the University was not lost on Mary Ann Glendon.


  1. The prochoice (prodeath or antilife) people show their true colors when they refer to the prolife movement as anti-abortion. So they are pro something (pro having a positive connotation) and prolifers are anti-abortionists (anti having a negative connotation). Not that we expect people in Planned Parenthood, politics, media (ie. Washington Post) who support the murders of millions of unborn babies to play fair. But you can't have it both ways. Either you are prochoice (for everyone but the baby) and we are prolife OR you're antilife and we are antiabortion. You pick. But enough of the semantics and playing with words. Just a mass of cells? So are you. I mean really...get your biology 101 books out. If you don't believe the unborn child has a soul, then neither do you. If you are prochoice and do acknowledge the life and soul of the unborn then how do you justify the taking of this life? At what point is it not okay? I remember when it was started as the first trimester was acceptable. Now the baby can be delivered all but the head. The doctor then punctures the child's head and death ensues. Not painlessly. (When was the last time you had a sharp object thrust into your skull?) Not murder, it's a legal abortion. If that child slipped out before he punctured the child's head and he punctured the child's head 2 seconds after the child was born...well, wouldn't he be a barbarian! We'd want to hang him from the highest tree. What a bunch of hypocrites. You should have to participate in a day's abortions at "clinics" before being allowed to vote prochoice (anti-life if you he want to play that game). You should have to participate in counting the tiny hands, feet and other body parts to make sure the abortion was complete. Then go vote for your prochoice candidate and may God have mercy on your souls. Even those who don't believe in God must have some sort of a conscious. Have you thought about what it is you are supporting? Planned Parenthood did not begin as a company to help the poor and minorities. It's founder was a flaming racist. She believed the poor, the minorities, the down-trodden, weakened the white race. (Who does that remind of us? Hmmm??? Oh yes, that was Hitler!) She began the ominous program of Planned Parenthood (what a misnomer!) to reduce the numbers of minorites, blacks, hispanics and others - whom she feared would weaken the white gene pool. Wake up America!

  2. Obama's motto: "Obama, Obama, Obama"

    It is very sad to see that Obama is still so widely popular. But support is eroding and Obama hasn't even been tested yet. And most people haven't begun to look past the sweet little lies. Stay tuned.

  3. When you hear of all these young girls giving birth in a bathroom and then pitching their babies into a trash can you have to wonder how much worse society can get.

  4. RightKlik's right...I'd be surprised 'country, Notre Dame' would still be allowed. Robert Gibbs isn't complaining, so I THINK that it DOES now say "Obama, Obama, Obama..."!!
    I think that's pretty good photoshopping, DaBlade! And a great way to make your point.

    Yes, Notre Dame's honoring a guy who, 4 times, voted in his state that a child who survived an abortion shouldn't be kept alive. WOW
    I'd like another poll question to be asked, as well: "Among practicing Catholics, how many still don't believe Obama should be honored with a degree because of his abortion stance (and no body of work to back up any legitimate degree) but feel he might as well be able to speak at Notre Dame because other presidents have?"

  5. Z's right, I'm surprised Obama allowed shared billing.

    I think it's sad. Reality is though that institutions like this are not run by everyday people, like your practicing Catholics, they are run by people that are just as political as the best of them in Washington. They have long sold their soul, so to speak, for prestige and recognition.

    Quite frankly most college administrators I have seen are as self-centered and full of self importance as Obama is so what you really have are birds of a feather.

  6. Great comments all! Thanks for them. Maybe the enscription should read "Obama, Obama, Obama". "Country" and "ND" will become synonymous with the first priority.

  7. For a second I believed your Photoshop. Yes. It is surprising to see how far some of our institutions have fallen.

    Glendon has the dignity to stand up for her beliefs instead of jumping on BO's perk bandwagon. That was good to see.