Friday, May 15, 2009

Skipping Commencements

Some Notre Dame Students to Forego Commencement in Protest of Obama Visit

Good for them.

I'm thankful that my son at Notre Dame doesn't graduate for a couple more years. Not just because I am in no hurry for the kids to "grow up", but because I would have hated to miss his graduation over that S.O.B. Obama giving the commencement address. Hey, I like that! The SOBOTUS. Maybe it's already been used before. The internets is a big and scary place, afterall. But if I indeed coined the phrase, everyone has my permission to use the term freely.

I remember several years ago there was a parade of some sorts down Main Street Davison, Michigan (hometown of Michael Moore, and current hometown of DaBlade). We always took the kids to the parades and secured a front curb seat for the candy. Anyway, here comes ultra-lib democrat Rose Bogardus, waving from the back seat of a car in the parade. As she approached, I simply stood up and turned my lawn chair around and sat back down with my backside to the street. After she passed, I stood and turned the chair forward again. It was clear to all (including Bogardus) what I thought of her. Maybe that's how I would handle the SOBOTUS graduation speech. Headphones and my backside.


  1. "I am Sobotus of Borg. You will hope and change."

  2. I think the thing I find amusing about this is how the media is reporting it. They report that the majority of Catholics support Obama appearing there. Then as an after thought they report that Catholics that actually go to church are opposed.

  3. The whole country has jumped off the cliff for Obama.

  4. DaBlade, you should go to show your disrespect.

    You know, do like that guy--what was his name "Sparky"?--did in a parade a few years ago with his butt slapping routine to torment a competitor.

  5. I have mixed feelings about those kids skipping their own commencement.


    The faculty shouldn't have invited the partial birth murder meister.

    I know, back to reality. Good for those kids and their principled stand.

  6. Fantastic, DaBlade. Great video, thanks.

    Someone at my blog said they felt they'd have to shake Obama's hand if he crossed a stage (i blogged on his BUMPING college students instead of SHAKING HANDS!) and I hate to say I told her that if he crossed the stage near me, I felt I'd have to stick my FOOT out! Seriously..and I'm one of those hypocrites who always said "Consider the office first" I can't anymore.

    God bless Notre Dame's kids who are standing up for what they believe. How sad that they have to.
    And, they say Obama's going to address this subject in his speech; I'm hoping he talks about FREE SPEECH and respecting other opinions...I'll be writing a piece about him and Rush LImbaugh, who his administration can't seem to give a break speech, IF it's leftist speech...right?

  7. dmarks- LOL! By the way, Saw Star Trek yesterday, so I am only down 2 showings to 1 with you. Can you hear my footsteps?
    Chuck- Fox was reporting something like 73% of ND students in favor of his invitation. "Skulls full of mush" as Rush would call them.
    Bill-CT- How much would they set my bail at, and would you chip in?
    Jing- Thanks for stopping by! It should not be a day that gets tarnished like this.
    Z- We can't lay off in deference to "the office" when the occupier of said office doesn't give deference for the country. I'll be checking out your blog on this (as per usual!)

  8. YOU went and saw a movie....!?!?!?!?!??!