Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Notre Dame and the Church need a coup of the faithful

My wife called me on my cell as she was leaving work yesterday, and she was livid. "You won't believe the article (my boss) gave me at work today," she said. Mrs. DaBlade explained that when she read the first sentence and realized it was another "pro Obama at Notre Dame" piece, her blood pressure spiked. She immediately looked up at her boss and told him, "we can discuss this if you'd like." He declined, simply telling her that he just wanted her to read it. "If you gave me an article, I'd read it," he told her as he walked away from her desk.

This is not the first time my wife has become extremely upset after being attacked for her Catholic faith while at work. She is surrounded by big government liberals in love with everything Obama, and she is constantly needled by some for her defense of the church. From a particularly obnoxious A@@hole janitor, all the way up to the principal. She really tries to stay away from discussing politics, but they are constantly in her face and "poking sticks" at her for her Catholic conservative beliefs.

What makes this so sad is that she doesn't work at a Planned Parenthood abortion mill. She works in the administration office at the local Catholic High School.

Just like what has happened at Notre Dame - the teachers, staff and administration at my catholic alma-mater has become infiltrated, diluted and deluded with leftist liberals holding beliefs anathema to the church. Catholiscm For Dummies. It makes us continually question why we actually pay for this.

The article that steemed her?
He Came, He Spoke, He Conquered

I especially loved the subtitle: THIS CATHOLIC'S (sic) VIEW. The "(sic)" is all mine. I assume it meant to say "secular" or "humanist" or "godless lib".

Don't waste your time reading the thing unless you're really bored (why else would you be here?). It's the same old drivel you've read elsewhere praising Obama for his Notre Dame speech. Somehow this author found Obama's speech "to be respectful of Catholic views." *gag* He quotes Obama crediting his community organizing in Chicago that brought him to Christ. *hurl* Here I thought that is was Chicago community organizing where Obama learned his brutal and ruthless political smear tactics. His community organizing skills inspired Bill Clinton to say that Obama had the "political instincts of a Chicago thug."
Sounding more like a preacher than a politician, he asked that we extend the "presumption of good faith" to those who disagree with us. "Because when we do that--when we open our hearts and our minds to those who may not think like we do or believe what we do--that's when we discover at least the possibility of common ground." It is clear where he thinks this common ground can be on abortion, which he declared has "both moral and spiritual dimensions."
*steamy pile of excrement*

There is no "common ground" on abortion. There is only victory or defeat, and life is not winning. Obama's silver-forked-tongue rhetorical flourish espousing his desire to "reduce the number of abortions" is a thinly veiled attempt to rope-a-dope namby pamby CASINOs (Catholics As Stated In Name Only) like the ones at Notre Dame.

And like this author, who says: "...can we not all work together to reduce the number of abortions? The political reality is that abortion is not going to be made illegal anytime soon. Simply as an intermediate strategy pro-life people should join with Obama in doing everything possible to reduce the number of abortions. Not to do so is to put politics above the life of the unborn."

UN... FREAKIN'... BELIEVABLE! Yep, he said it. To not support Obama is to "put politics above the life of the unborn".

And my wife's boss gave her this presumably to support his position.

Blah, blah, blah, the rest of the article talks about abortion just being another issue on the same level as the economy and climate change. Moral equivalence is given between the purposeful desecration of God's Love through the use of surgical knives on "unwanted tissue masses" and "saving "God's creation from a changing climate."

Not where I come from.


  1. "He Came, He Spoke, He Conquered"


    I'm sorry...if you worship Obama, you might be a really nice person, but you're no Christian.

  2. Incredible, now abortion is our fault. I would like to see your wife's Principles reaction if a student gave him an article from The Weekly Standard to read?

  3. RK- No false idols allowed. Sorry Obama (and Adam Lambert)
    Chuck- or how about her husband's morning blog? That might not be a good job security move.
    No Blog- Thanks for stopping by! No mandatory abortions for libs, as their children are innocent. If libs having abortions would cause liberalism to die out like a flame without oxygen, it would have disappeared years ago.