Friday, May 1, 2009

Empty Souter retiring

Liberal-leaning Justice Souter to retire
Empty Souter is "left-leaning"? More like a liberal left-wing political hack.
Judicial Philosophy:
He told the committee that he was opposed to using original intent as a method of constitutional jurisprudence. Souter has described himself as an "interpretationalist," who embraces a strict construction of the Constitution's language but reads its words "in light of contemporary conditions, and is not bound by [the framers'] original meaning."
In other words, just make it up as you go. Don't weigh yourself down with what the framers' meant, decide the case before you based on what you wish they had meant. Or better yet, find some European judge with whom you agree and cite them.

To think that Souter was a George H. W. Bush appointment. Nice job #41! You missed your calling and should have been a talent scout for the Detroit Lions. I'm surprised the wispy-framed Harvard philosophy major and lawyer didn't draw earlier Lion's interest to fill a need for outside linebacker.

Obama is expected to appoint a woman. At least that is what is stated in every article on this story. If you read between the lines, what it really says is, "OBAMA BETTER APPOINT A WOMEN." Liberals never look for the most qualified individual for the job at hand. They count noses and separate people based on sex and skin color. Fellow left wing justice Ruth "Buzzi" Ginsberg is the only women on the court, but has been in an ongoing fight cancer. The call for another women may spring from a desire to give Ginsberg a girl friend to accompany her to the powder room, or just to have a women on deck to prepare for the time when the frail Ginsberg finally kicks the bucket. Not that I would like to see this happen.

I have gone on record here wishing the 76-year-old Ginsberg a full recovery and a long life of at least four (but no more than 8) more years.

I wonder if Hillary is kicking herself with her thunderous thigh. She would have been a shoe-in for this post for life instead of this temporary 4 year gig she currently holds.

Hey Barry, you know what we don't have on the court right now? A lesbo.(John Paul Stevens questions notwithstanding) In the spirit of true liberal diversity, you need to appoint a special kind of women. Should "she" be a Dyke, Butch, Femme, Lipstick Lesbian, Girly Girl, Futch, Stone Butch, Stone Femme, Chapstick Lesbian, Baby Dyke, Tomboi, or Hasbian? (it must be tough to be a fair lib.)

by Allahpundit over at Hot Air: "The only “good” news is that Souter was one of the most reliably liberal votes on the Court. Barry O would have to appoint an out-and-out socialist, practically, to tilt it further left."

Hey Soutie! Don't let the small, hinged swinging door hit you in the arse as you leave the courtroom for New Hampshire.


  1. How long before we hear, "Let me say this as clearly as I possibly can: there will be no litmus test."

    Female, pro-abortion, anti-capitalist who believes that the US Constitution is a "living document" that changes with the political winds. We'll be told that isn't a "litmus test." Just a checklist. Bill Ayers wife needs a job doesn't she?

  2. I expect that that during the confirmation hearings the Republicans will not dare to make waves. I would, however, ask them to at least review the appointees income tax returns.

  3. No question this will be the most liberal nominee in years. I hope the Repubs (the REAL ones) fight with everything they have. If we're gonna go down on this, we might as well go down swinging.

  4. A black lesbian would be the ideal choice for BO because the republicans would not dare conduct
    the kind of confirmation hearings that should be held.

  5. you have any idea how hard it is to find a black lesbian? And then what if she's a Republican or a natural born citizen? How are you going to get the Dems to support that?

  6. And now we hold our collective breath while the Obama team puts its feelers out for the next Supreme Court Justice.

    When Obama recites all the politically-correct attributes of the next Justice, how come legal experience isn't one of them?

  7. what's the chances barry gets it wrong like 41 did and picks a conservative? unfortunately ZERO. Unlike 41, obama doesn't have to worry about picking an unknown to avoid his selection from being borked. He could ram thru Henrietta Hughes for that matter.