Monday, May 11, 2009

Wanda Sykes named as the new Obamacare czar

The messiah-in-chief claims that Obamacare could save U.S. trillions.
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Barack Obama will aim on Monday to build support for a sweeping overhaul of the U.S. healthcare system by highlighting a drive for greater efficiency he predicts could save trillions of dollars.

Blah, blah, blah. Of course, to position ourselves to save these trillions, The One will need to "invest" a few gazillions. Sure there will be upfront costs in providing health care to the 48 million unisured healthy Americans and some 20 million illegal aliens., but we can save gobs in "streamlining paperwork". Think of it as "creating health" in the same way he has been "creating wealth".

OBAMA: When you spread the health around, it’s good for everybody.

JOE THE PLUMBER: What if I have "plumbing problems", if you know what I mean. Say the ol' "garbage disposal" is backing up, or the pipes are leaking. How is your plan gonna help me?

OBAMA: My attitude is that if health is good for folks from the bottom up, it’s gonna be good for everybody. Besides Joe, I thought the media had already given you a colonoscopy?

JOE THE PLUMBER: I was talking about my friend, Rush Limbaugh.

OBAMA: Oh, him. Well part of our savings in health care is elimination of coverage for conservatives. We'd just let his kidneys fail. Did I mention that I've named Wanda Sykes as the new Obamacare czar?


  1. Wanda Sykes has never been funny, so why should she be referred to as a comedian. She is a foul mouthed race baiter that can only get attention by being loud and crude.
    Typical hate filled sanctimonious sewage coming out of the mouth of the typical big tent we are oh so tolerant flaming liberal. I have such contempt for these people I have run out of words to describe it. I have fully unleashed the last true liberty left in America - the mute button.

    I would expect something like this from a skank like her. But 0bama should not have laughed at it, he should have sat there looking uncomfortable. But Mr. Cool-Breeze feels that ANYTHING he does is the right thing. HE is the worst part of the joke, not Sykes.

    He does not even try to represent all Americans, just the ones who voted for him. Which is why this American does not consider him to be my President

  2. Remember Jocelyn Elders, who was illiterate and one of the most stupid people ever in the Cabinet?

    She was working at a hospital, and was involved with an adoption situation. Some parents adopted a child, who turned out to have some medical problems. Elders advised the parents to discard the child and get a better one.

  3. 1. Obama should distance himself from Wanda's remarks. Particularly the racially insensitive one. This would be an opportunity to show that he really is the "post racial" president.

    2. The government is going to make the health care industry more efficient? The government... efficient? Government and efficiency. Sorry Will Robinson, that does not compute.

  4. Obama will not distance himself from the remark. I'd be happy if the SOB would stop laughing at it.

  5. janjan- I must not get out much 'cuz I had never heard of her before. I loved your entire comment here. It is spot on. I am compelled to purchase a coffee mug!:)
    dmarks- Ah yes, Jocelyn Elders. I can't but think of her every time I hear "Eric Clapner" on the radio.
    RK- Obama should distance himself from Wanda's remarks only because he was caught laughing on camera. Wish we had this footage of Obama during Rev. Wright's hate-filled sermons.
    Chuck- He should stop laughing at her and simply bow down.

  6. Wanda Sykes has never been funny, so why should she be referred to as a comedian. She is a foul mouthed race baiter that can only get attention by being loud and crude.