Monday, May 4, 2009


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What a great day for baseball, even for us diehard hockey fans and the knowledge that our hometown hockey heros were also playing just down the road. Prior to the game, all Little Caesar Hockey Champions and their coaches took to the field for a photo op and acknowledgement from the announcer. Each youth hockey team was sporting their colors, with the Flint 94's in their home darks. The scoreboard scrolled the champion teams by division to applause. Very cool! Then it was back to our seats for the 1PM start. The Tigers (and Verlander) did their part to complete a great day at the park with a 3-1 victory over the Cleveland Indians.

As for the Wings... nevermind. I take full responsibility for their triple overtime defeat at the hand of the Ducks. Had I been home in front of my 9-inch black-and-white t.v. screen, this never would have happened. Apparently the hockey gods do not appreciate my galavanting around to other sporting events just as much as they have made it clear that my big HD widescreen LCD is OFF LIMITS during the playoffs.


  1. SOunds great. Last Tigers game I went to was at Michigan and Trumbull

  2. Hmmm... Why weren't the hockey players honored down the road at the Red Wings game which I'm sure they would have wanted to attended instead of the baseball game? Will the youth baseball teams be honored at a hockey arena? Did you borrow Glaicer's "Maggs cap" featuring silky flowing locks to wear at the game?

  3. Please do not mention the Red Wings again until the playoffs are over and the Cup remains in Hockeytown.

    Thank you very nice.

  4. Chuck- Go take in a game at Comerica. It's a great venue and the Tigers have a good product on the field. $3.50 for a hot dog and 6.75 for a beer though... *ouch!*
    Pic Pic- That's exactly what my boy said! It was a sparse crowd because of the hockey game with "you know who", and the hockey families were about half of that!
    Shang- I ... errr... what were we talking about?