Friday, August 31, 2012

Democrat Convention Mystery Speaker Leaked: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to deliver "We Own This Country"

Not really, but would anyone be terribly surprised?

Obama could select from a plethora of third world dictators or communist thugs (not currently serving in his administration). Someone should check Hugo Chavez or Fidel Castro's travel plans over the next week.

Now comes Pelosi, Reid, Biden... Fluke... maybe Michael Moore. An endless parade of buffoons on the way and I can't wait for the contrast.

The "We Own This Country" was actually a great line from Clint Eastwood last night, who was absolutely stellar BTW.


  1. Bill Ayers must be pissed, he thought he was getting the keynote spot....

  2. The democrat convention will be a parade of a$$hats.

  3. I think Imanutjob is going to be in town for the Muslim prayer dinner and bingo before the Friday night convention anyways.

  4. BA, good one! Maybe the same can be said about the good reverend wright?

    Cube, Yes, and sadly too many available "seats" for those a$$hats.

    Chuck, what are the rules for the democrat convention prayers? Do we have to plant our foreheads on the carpet in front of the TV when obama, peace be unto him, finally appears?

  5. Chuck, i hear that Djimmi gathering's not on the DNC agenda anymore...I think they realized how bad that might go over... :-)

    DaBlade, this is so funny! I'm thinking CHina's the one to say "WE OWN THIS COUNTRY" though!! $$$$$

    you crack me UP! thanks for the smiles amid the nightmare that is Obama!

  6. Z, i know, I thought about the China line later. Isn't that how it works sometimes with blogging? Dang I coulda added this or said that. Oh well, blogspot always lets me have another crack at it the next day, so I'll keep taking advantage until it runs out :)

  7. Well, I think fluke is the quintessential loser and non-contributor. Certainly worthy.

    Rev Wright would also be good. Bring da hamma down on Amerika !

    How about the lesbian comedian who wants to kill Rush Limbaugh.

    Maybe rachael madcow and bill mayer as a tag team would be perfect.

    Hell, bring em all in !

  8. fwiw, I got here from America's Living Room.

    Good blog. possibly great :)

  9. AOW - No Oprah!? Well THAT settles it then!...:)

    Kid, Welcome from America's Living Room to the blogosphere's Mud Room. Great suggestions for the Democrat's mystery guest. Please let me know for certain when this blog achieves greatness :)!

  10. Thanks. I don't think it will take long to come to that conclusion.