Sunday, August 26, 2012

Will Hurricane Isaac make the GOP Convention it's Tina Turner?

Will the approaching Tropical Storm Isaac be a mean drunk (Category 4 or 5) or a happy drunk? (Loud and windy, leaning on you with his arm around your shoulder, spittle in your face)?

The Republican National Convention doesn't want to take any chances with this storm (where even a glancing tropical blow could wreak havoc on Donald Trump's macabre pompadour causing traffic emergencies) and have therefore postponed Monday's scheduled roll-call to Tuesday. Mitt Romney's team is scrambling to cram four days of events into three, causing one aide to state, "it's as challenging as trying to squeeze Governor Chris Christie into a 42 Regular for his Keynote address."

The following clip is raw footage of Governor Christie practicing his speech for Mitt Romney

OK, admit it. THAT would be awesome!

What isn't awesome is the fact that Joe Biden's planned campaign trip To Tampa has been cancelled. The ever classless Obama team originally scheduled the Biden trip in hopes of countering the start of the GOP convention, but somebody in the campaign must have realized that Biden's mouth is as unpredictable as Isaac's path and quickly scrapped the plan. Besides, they were probably having difficulty locating a donut show or small diner where the owner agreed to the photo op. Apparently, Biden will be appearing in nearby Orlando on Tuesday - wearing Mouse ears and sipping Kool Aid from a bendable straw surrounded by costumed characters in Fantasyland. In other words, your typical democrat rally.

Meanwhile, Isaac continues it's erratic gait, like a drunken sailor leaving the bar at 2AM whistling show tunes, oblivious to the direction of home. For the sake of all Gulf Coast residents potentially in it's path, let's hope it's the Isaac version in the following video - cool and smooooth, with no random roundhouse punches.

Hey GOP! It's almost Time to get it on!


  1. I saw Ike and Tina in California in 1969.... Yes, I'm that old... I'm in Cape Coral, 120 miles south of Tampa... Isaac update: It's windy, no rain yet...

  2. Well none of us are as young as we once were, but that's why we're so wise now! Ike and Tina in 1969 would have been quite the show, I'm sure. Good luck with the storm my friend. Proud Mary keep on rolling!