Saturday, August 11, 2012

SHOCK! Romney picks NASA Mohawk Guy as VP candidate!

OK, not really. But the only thing that would make me happier this morning was if Ryan showed up before the cameras sporting the mohawk!

 Meet Bobak Ferdowsi, NASA space geek extraordinaire and full time Activity Lead for the latest mission to Mars. His patriotic stars-and-stripes mohawk doo of red, white and blue caused quite the internet sensation- and a multitude of marriage proposals.

Meet Paul Ryan, budget geek extraordinaire, and now full time Romney running mate. His patriotic budget work, and Reagan-eske doo have caused quite the internet twitter among the brown shirt occupy crowd.

I couldn't be more geeked by this pick and simply CAN NOT WAIT for the VP debates. More importantly, I can't wait for the adults to take back this country before it's too late.

More Doos and don'ts...


  1. Am VERY pleased, too. I have always admired Paul Ryan.
    GREAT PICK!! Even without a Mohawk!

  2. Well it's still early Z. Remember, Abe Lincoln grew his 'stachless chin beard after receiving a letter from a young female fan. Maybe you should start a letter campaign to Ryan pushing for the mohawk!

  3. naaa...I think I'll pass :-)

  4. Great job here, saw your comment on the Dude's log thought I'd take a peek.

  5. I think Obama is so puckered right now ... Here's what I think will happen. Little Joey Biden will feign an illness that takes him out of the race, and Hillary Rotten Clinton will step in as the VP candidate.