Monday, August 27, 2012

You are what you worship

Listen, in today's partisan climate of political rancor and divisiveness, I believe we should grasp onto every area where we can all agree. Namely, that liberals should all dress up like giant vaginas and stand on street corners.

I'm still not sure if the Code Pinko protesters showed up in Tampa looking for giant Tampax tampons or to just to display their grotesqueries for the press coverage at the RNC Convention. I'm guessing these "Sandra Flukes" dress up in giant vaginas for shock value, but Barney Frankly, I'd be shocked if their twisted thoughts spewed from a normally attired person.

I mean, I'm the same age as the president. I don't know if they had Saturday morning cartoons in Kenya, Indonesia or wherever the Frank he's from, but I know I did. Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny were silly looking, which matched their hilarious routines. I strongly urge Obama and the democrats to borrow the code Pink costumes and wear them for their own upcoming convention. 'Course, that's how I will be picturing him in my mind's eye regardless.

Thankfully, leftists tend to drape themselves in textiles, body "art" and other a kooter ments accoutrements to make them readily identifiable. If the metal in your face and other parts unmentionable tend to set off the airport security detectors, chances are your a liberal. If you wear your silver pony tail out and over your tie dye T-shirt...


  1. They certainly are a collection of disturbed individuals.

  2. Had I seen these costumed nuts walking down downtown Tampa, I'd be hardpressed to identify them as vajayjays. I'm just saying...

  3. hAHA! I know. Keep in mind they're lib veejers so they're bound to be a little banged up.

  4. It's "one fu%*ing thing after another" with these folks -- Get it!