Tuesday, November 18, 2008

How Obama Got Elected: Media malpractice

I caught the Hannity and Colmes interview with John Ziegler segment between periods of the Red Wings hockey game last night. I am trying to wean myself back into the news of government and politics, but I'm still not completely over the post-election depression thing. Regular reader(s?) of Chattering Teeth are aware that I went on an "all Obama, all the time" anti-flatulance blog streak leading up to the election. It's been mostly a flatulating blog ever since. And it will continue to be. That's my promise to you (youse?)! Just the occasional deviation... like today's blog entry:

Media Malpractice:

Are you serious? Shut up!

INTERVIEWER: "Where do you get most of your information?"

"Bill Maher is a great one"
"New York Times"
"MSNBC is pretty cool"
"John Stewart"
"Colbert Report"

The mythical perpetual motion machine has finally been discovered!

"The term perpetual motion, taken literally, refers to movement that goes on forever."

Liberalism has insured that there are way more of these "educated idiots" than intelligent and knowledgeable "Chatteringteeth type" readers. They will blindly and emotionally continue to overwhelm actual thought at the polls.

Idiocracy indeed!

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  1. Well, one thing we can count on is teasing the Libs when BO keeps the war going in Iraq and fails to release the terrorists that we have locked up. After he takes office I think you should start a daily tally of the number of days the war has continued under his direction-it will drive the Libs nuts.