Sunday, November 16, 2008


in a Bantam AA youth hockey game
It was a 5 hour roundtrip from Flint, Michigan to Findlay, Ohio for my 14-year-old's hockey game. A game that lasted maybe an hour and a quarter. I remember thinking the road trip would be good "father and son" time. We didn't get out of the driveway before my boy had his seat back, headphones on, with his portable DVD player spinning out the first disc of the 5-disc Futurama box set.

Thankfully, Findlay is the farthest "away game" destination on the travel schedule. A little farther and I would have been making flight arrangements. Yes I know it sounds like I'm whining, and I am aware that some folks commute longer distances to work every day. Truth is, I love this youth hockey stuff! This is the boy's last year in travel before high school. This will all be over WAY TOO SOON. It's like everything else (and everyBODY) in life that you treasure. It is fleeting. Nothing is forever. Enjoy the here and now.

Yesterday's results you ask? Flint beat Findlay 12-2, improving their record to 4-2 for this young season. That is the way it should be. A Michigan team putting a butt-whooping to an Ohio team. Sets things back in balance in the universe.

There is another game today against Muskegon, and a game tomorrow against Troy, both home games. There is nothing DaBlade enjoys more than spending his free time in a frigid hockey rink. Talk about chattering teeth!

Lace 'em up boys!

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