Saturday, November 1, 2008

Joe "The Feebleminded Democrat"

The most ridiculous lame excuse I've heard for not voting for McCain is because of his 11th hour campaign decision to write off Michigan and walk away. Obama didn't stop spending campaign dollars in Michigan. Somehow that makes Obama more "caring" for the people of Michigan, and really that's all we need from our politicians is more caring. That last sentence was sarcasm, which is to say that I didn't really mean it.

I can understand hearing that argument from a drunken friend while we are in transit to a Red Wing game. But I've heard that argument from otherwise sober people. How about a "pros and cons" discussion about the impact on Michigan with this issue: McCain making the Bush tax cuts permanent versus Obama effectively giving EVERYONE a tax INCREASE (yes, he has been lying to you) by letting them expire.

Joe "The Feebleminded democrat": Oh yeah? Well McCain just turned his back on Michigan! Why should I vote for John "McSame" when he doesn't care about me? How can he give ME a hug after he leaves?

DaBlade: You're right. He should have kept traveling around the state wasting his limited time and dollars on a NO-WIN situation when the polls showed an insurmountable Obama lead. THAT would have been just brilliant. Now I will admit that he was a bonehead for announcing this pullout. But please, don't confuse campaign strategy with effectiveness of POLICY once elected.

Uncomfortable Fact alert: Obama didn't continue to campaign in all 57 states (sic), pulling out of Alaska, North Dakota, Montana and Georgia, to name a few.

FJ columnist John Tomlinson had it right in his October 12th column, Why did John McCain pull out of Michigan? Maybe because Michigan is stuck on stupid. He writes:
A new Rasmussen Poll said 59 percent of Americans believe our legislators are so inept, they'd vote to replace the entire Congress. I bet the other 41 percent live in Michigan. Maybe McCain pulled out because he found us so stuck on stupid, he decided to go to where people would listen.

He realized what we all realize. Voters in Michigan vote for the same person decade after decade, even after that person proves to be the worst imaginable one for the job.
Joe "The Feebleminded democrat": As long as that "person" is a democrat. If there is one thing that everyone around these parts knows, it's that Democrats are for the blue collar middle class working stiffs, and the Republicans are for the rich.

DaBlade: That's right. Keep drinking that Kool-Aid.

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