Sunday, December 28, 2008

Dancing bees on drugs

NEXT on CSI-CT (That's "Crime Scene Investigation - Chattering Teeth division", for the Obama voter)...
Is the messiah-elect sending secret communiques to his cohorts through the use of dance? Did Obama's dance moves on his Ellen show appearance secretly send critical instructions to Blagoje-biotch about who to sell his senate seat to (as well as hair-styling advice to lose the squirrel growing out of his forehead)? The truth is out there people.

C'mon DaBlade! More rightwing conspiracy garbage. For the sake of argument, how much information truly can be passed on through dance?

You have obviously not had the pleasure of witnessing DaBlade's "robot", flawlessly executed during every dollar dance that I have ever thrown back the whiskey shot for. only once did a bride actually mistake my moves for a seizure (but she married me anyway, which was the message I was throwing down at the time!)

More proof? Well, did you know...
Scientists have known for some time that the honey bee's waggle dance communicates the location of food sources to the rest of the hive. Through a series of gyrations and vibrations that translate into complex vector calculus equations (sorta like Freestyle hip hop breakdancing), the dancer communicates his favorite pollen stash to his buds. It is unknown if the occasional waggle dancing bee will throw a fuzzy arm in the air, ala Tony Manero, for style points. More studies must be done on this, and I suggest they petition for a piece of that $700 billion bailout money to finance this important research.

Honey bees on cocaine (as well as politicians) tend to exaggerate.

Dancing Honeybee Using Vector Calculus to Communicate juxtaposed with Obama busting a move with Ellen.
You be the judge:

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