Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dealers (and brother) defending Detroit

Email request from my brother:
"Though a bit lengthy, this is well worth your time... Perhaps you might post it (on your blog) in full, or part?"

Hey, you're one of my big brothers and I was raised not to defy you (under penalty of a serious a## whooping). Here it is "in part", with a link in the intro to the full article.

Incredible editorial from a Ford Dealer in the Pittsburgh Region....Attached is a well written "Letter to the Editor" from Elkins Fordland:
Editor: As I watch the coverage of the fate of the U.S. auto industry, one alarming and frustrating fact hits me right between the eyes. The fate of our nation's economic survival is in the hands of some congressmen who are completely out of touch and act without knowledge of an industry that affects almost every person in our nation. The same lack of knowledge is shared with many journalists whom are irresponsible when influencing the opinion of millions of viewers...

Jim Jackson on Fox News

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